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"Bread" were one of the most popular pop groups of the early 70 - ies. While the band has released a string of successful melodic soft rock singles ,sponsored by keyboardist and vocalist David Gates (b. December 11, 1940, Oklahoma) .

The producer and session musician, in 1968, Gates met with James Griffin (guitar, vocals), already had time to release a solo album ("Summer Holiday"). James then invited David to producing their new album. However, a little chatGuys come to the conclusion that they need to organize a joint project.

The idea was brought to life with the help of Rob Royer (ex- "Pleasure Faire"), with whom Gates worked early in his career. Soon the trio became one of the first pop group signed to the label "Elektra Records". By the end of 1968 at the "Bread" I was ready to debut self-titled album. The disc was full of pleasant soft- rock songs, but, nevertheless, hit singles of them did not work. But on the second album "On the Waters" group secured the title of hitmakers.

Bread: David GatesPervy the single from this album, "Make It With You", became a leader in the US number ,paving the way for the song "It Don`t Matter to Me" first disk in the best American top ten. As a result, "With On the Waters" received "gold", and to secure the success of the band went on tour. For this part of the case had to man up drummer, Mike Botts Kojima became. Released in spring 1971-of "Manna" I was not able to repeat the success of its predecessor, but one of the songs, "If", still entered the top ten. After the exit of the plate "Bread" Rob Royer left, but instead took keyboardist Larry Knechtela.

The first single, "Mother Freedom", was released the updated composition of summer 1971, it ranked only 37 th place in the US charts. But by the end of the year the band was thrown into the market yet another EP, "Baby I`m-A Want You", has appeared already in fifth place in the charts. In early 1972 the band released the full-length album of the same name, which became the most successful release of "Bread" (third place in the charts) .

Bread: Mike BottsV the same year, the band recorded another full-length album ,"Guitar Man", which began in the collective field of friction. Basically, the differences were with Gates and Griffin. David is the author of most of the hits, he insisted on the release of some singles, and James had a different position. Agree among themselves, they have not been able, and as a result the team was disbanded. Musicians pursue a solo career ,and "Elektra Records" published a few collections of the best things "Bread". In 1976, the group held a reunion, and "Lost Without Your Love" was recorded in the following year. The title track from this album was the last hit of the ensemble, were present in the top ten.

Discord between Gates and Griffin broke out again, with the result that the latter slammed the door. Gates has put together a new composition and tried to give concerts at the sign "Bread", but his former colleague gave him to court and won a ban of the group under that name. David and James subsequently continued to engage in solo career, and Gates have fared better.

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