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" Talk about pressure, " laughter ,Violate vocalist / guitarist Ben Benjamin Burnley, who faced both situations last fall.

" After touring for the last half of 2002 and most of 2003, we came home and it was like, ` Well, now you have to write the following otchet.` There is a saying that there your whole life to write your first album ,but only a few months to make your second, and this is absolutely true. The songs on the first album were already written and ready to go when we were signed, so that the concept of songwriting deadlines were completely new to me. "

Although Burnley recognizes that creative crunch has caused a few sleepless nights, he says ,it was nothing compared to the anxiety he experienced to songwriting session with former singer - poet - songwriter Billy Corgan Pumpkin Destruction. "Hollywood configures it, " he recalls. " And I had an accident. At that point, the band was in a good recess, and the majority of the album was written ,but I certainly was not going to give up the chance to work with Billy Corgan. I went through a period in high school when all I heard was, and Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream. It was an album that had a great influence on me, and I kept thinking about it on the way to the studio, " he laughs. " I have to admit - it was a bit intimidating. I remember hoping that I would not embarrass me. "

As it turned out, Burnley should not stress. He and Corgan have put forward and pushed each other to new peaks, with the consequence of a handful of shiny new melodic gems. " It was an experience of a lifetime, " says Burnley on cooperation. " Billy pointed out korobki` ` thinking and helped me to take a different approach to songwriting. The desire to come up with something that would have impressed him, forced me to work harder on the material. "

Determination Burnley to expand its range, transferred to the recording session of the album, where the band (guitarist Aaron Fink ,Markas bassist James and former drummer Jeremy Hammel) matched him step for step. " It would be very easy to duplicate the sound and style of our first album, but none of us are not interested in making the same statement twice, " says Hammel. " As an artist, you want to try new things and see where it takes you. " With the explosive new album, we are not alone, the quartet breaks from the pack on the ride thrills E- ticket, leaving any stylistic limitations in the dust.

Recorded in New York with producer David Bendet (Vertical Horizon) , the album offers endless highlights, including an ambitious " Forget It ,. " One of the three co Ben / Billy " This is very cool - both structurally and melodically, " says Burnley. " This is a subtle, but listen closely and you will hear the song promotes half-step each verse and chorus. As a vocalist, it is really challenging because it forces me to sing in a different way each time. It`s definitely unusual, and had it not been for Billy, I probably would never try something like this. "

Beginning with the June issue we are not alone, the album - almost platinum and yielded the # 1, Sway single " So Cold. " Their only second, " Sooner or later ," is shaping up to be as strong with the added element of MTV2 games. All sharp hooks and hefty blows, we are not alone starts off with a Middle Eastern melody roaring lead single " So Cold" heavy reef trail that showcases stucco Fink, expressive guitarist with a talent and a color and crunch. Using a palette of quirky effects pedals, distorted structures and strangled power chords ,it enhances the emotion in each song, be it a confrontational anger " Believe " or broad emotional requested " Break My Fall. " " Aaron really stepped up on this record, " says Bernelay. " It is - not a guy reef as someone - someone who creates an atmosphere of his talents really shine through here.. "

The album, on which a completely pacedanchored promotion rhythms of drums and bass as well as being controlled by Burnley, who leads in every sense of melody with the voice, it is both the graceful ("Rain") and Godzillian (" Away") . He takes off on a mile high chorus of "Follow", delivering persistent hook with unbridled passion and sand. "Tourism has helped develop my singing ability and allowed me to try new things on this record, " he says. "It gave me a sense of faith, which is really liberated. "

Credit Bendet band for the adventurous spirit of the album, saying that he encouraged them to reach higher, digging deeper." David has a great ear and helped to pull out the best action from us," says Fink. " He also added great flavor to the proceedings. Unlike the first album, which was all the bass, drums and guitar, this report is filled with all kinds of delicious ear candy. It`s definitely worthy of headphones. "

Wilkes-Barre ,based in Pennsylvania quartet, arrived in the summer of 2002 with the critically acclaimed debut Sates and wasted little time establishing themselves as a vital new voice in modern rock. Fueled by hit hit " Mnogolyubovny ", the album became a favorite among critics and fans the like. The band toured heavily in support, sharing stages with the likes of 3 doors down, saliva, Godsmack and hedPE.

" Fashion Godsmack were intense, " says Burnley. " It was our first arena tour, and each seemed to crowd more than the night before. For a guy like me who was a complete loser in high school, it was like all of body experience.We walked on stage, and tons of people started screaming, even though half of them had never heard of us. But we started to play and jump, and each went crazy. People came up to us afterwards and said things like, ` I`ve never heard of you guys before, but you are frightening, and I`m going to go buy your CD tomorrow.` It`s hard to describe how something like this makes you feel. We just totally blown away. "

So it went, city after city throughout the year. The band added to the basis of the fan with, we are not alone, the album, which beat its predecessor, and in sound and style. " There is still a big world out there to win, " Burnley adds modestly."We accelerated to get back on the road again. "

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