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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Place of birth : Harlem, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Brian Reyes` -brand sportswear and women`s clothes American designer Brian Reis (Brian Reyes).

Brian Reyes launched his eponymous brand of ready-made clothes in 2004. Today `Brian Reyes` become an international company, whose products are sold all over the world. American designer collections found their fans among the representatives of various segments of the population in many countries, from the UK (United Kingdom) and Germany (Germany) to Japan (Japan), Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia) and China (China); and many celebrities on the red carpet appeared in dresses from this designer. Among those ,who wears clothes from `Brian Reyes`, American actress Ashley Greene (Ashley Greene), entrepreneur and model Ivanka Trump (Ivanka Trump) were observed, the singer and actress Eve Dzhihen Jeffers (Eve Jihan Jeffers), actress Rachel Bilson (Rachel Bilson), star of the show ` Diksi` Heart (Hart of Dixie), launched last year,and Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner).

In the United States (Unites States) `Brian Reyes` products sold in the most prestigious department stores :` Barney`s`, `Bloomingdales`,` Neiman Marcus`, `Mitchells`,` Richards`, `Saks Fifth Avenue`,` Intermix`, `Pink label` and ` Capitol`.

Collections from `Brian Reyes` -a weighted combination of simplicity and elegant finishes, intricate embroidery and working with beads, fashion trends and casual elegance. The basis of the collections of sophistication, femininity and modernity, combined with new forms, materials and incredible wonderful colors. The result is a collection ,which invariably cause a deep interest in women and awaken in them a desire to try something new and refreshing. Brian Reis often crosses in their models romantic fabrics, feminine silhouettes and bold, bold prints, creating an undeniable sense of style and modernity.

A native of Miami (Miami), Brian Reis moved to NewNew York (New York), when he was 17 years old, full of desire to make a career in the fashion industry. He gained experience working at such iconic designers like Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), Michael Kors (Michael Kors) and Oscar de la Renta (Oscar De La Renta),then he began producing women`s clothing under its own name, and quickly gained a reputation as one of the most promising young New York designers.

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