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Year of birth : 1990

Age: 25 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


His birth of the group is obliged to bassist Dan Lilkeru ,known for his participation in such teams as the "Anthrax", "Nuclear assault", "S.O.D.".

His birth of the group is obliged to bassist Dan Lilkeru known for its involvement in such teams as the "Anthrax", "Nuclear assault", "S.O.D.". In 1992, this restless fellow grindkorom carried away ,and to realize their aspirations founded "Brutal truth". The companions himself, he took the guitarist Brent McCarthy and drummer Scott Lewis. Lead singer Kevin Sharp joined the team CCT


All in the same 1992 was released Albo


Brutal truth his first tour of "Brutal truth" held in America in the company of "Cbrutal_brutaltruth3jpg


This "Brutal truth" did not cease their activities, and spent the next tour in Australia, Japan and America. Meanwhile, the team felt that "Earache Records" does not give it up

brutal_band2_bigjpgBrutal truthProshlo two years before the " brutal Pravdivtsev " Failed to subscribe to another label, "Relapse Records". Issued on it "Kill Trend Suicide" has carried a few shades of black metal. After the release of the album "Brutal truth" took part in a porno movie "Studio X", where performed a couple of songs and appeared in a few scenes (although ,not int


In 1999 he published a compilation of "Goodbye Cruel


World ", consisting of live recordings and previously unreleased material. The circulation of the plates, as well as the band`s popularity grew steadily, but Lilker scored his team and started to show its activity " S.O.D. ",simultaneously taking part in a black metal project "Hemlock". But as many as 34 teams have expressed interest in the work of "Brutal truth" in 2000, recorded an album - tribute "Choice Of A New Generation".


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