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This brutal team from Chicago appeared on the basis of another gang, "Crypt" in 1988, which played Jeremy Wagner (guitar) , Joe Ptasek (vocals) and Ryan Stanek (drums) . When they were joined by another guitarist and bassist, the sign was changed to "Broken hope" and began to move in the direction of death metal.

The band played a few local gigs, and then decided it was time to make a demo tape. The decision was put into practice and "Broken hope" received some recognition in death metal circles.Then the problems started with the second guitarist, which led to his replacement by Brian Griffin. the band recorded another demo, what attracted the attention of the label "Grindcore records" with him.

In 1991, this company has released a debut album "Broken hope". "Swamped In Gore" is a mixture of death metal and grindkora and texts were filled with the usual gore-theme. Although one penny musicians for this release have not received them yet lucky, and soon the group was under the wing of a solid metal label "Metal blade".

Broken hopeNa new place team debuted with the album "The bowels of repugnance". After his release from the kicked bassist Ed Hughes, saying itthat he had little time to the group.

After a couple of weeks on the vacated place was an old friend of " Broken Hope" Sean Glass (ex- "Sindrome"). His abilities tested in the North American tour, where "Broken hope" warmed up "Unleashed". Satisfied with the result, the band made a permanent member of Sean`s team. In 1995-m released their third LP, "Repulsive conception", in which the team experimented with elements of doom, at the same time stuffing on the plate "Captain Howdy", a cover of "Twisted sister". Promotion of the album made a tour in the company with the "Deicide" and "Six feet under".

In another album was recorded more or less calm atmosphere, "Loathing",then the problems started. Sean Glass tired Laba pure death, and he decided to try his hand in the field of nu- metal, to stir up the project "Soil". Decent replacement he could not quickly find, and now announced his retirement Ryan Stanek. Broken hopePomimo these troubles in "Broken hpe" emerged quarrel with the label, and as a result of "Metal blade" tore up the contract. Despite these obstacles, Wagner and the company still recorded a fifth album. In this they were helped sessionschiki Brian Hobby (bass) , Ryan Shimmerti (bass) , Mike Zvikov (bass) and Larry Demumbrum (drums) . Already at the end of the sessions on the role of a permanent bassist took Sina Baxter. After the release of "Grotesque blessings" team left one of its founders, Joe Ptasek. New vocalist materialized in the form of Scott Krikmora, and took the position of drummer Jeff Baumgardner. In 2002, the "Broken hope" set about recording a new album with the working title "Flesh mechanic", but the session had not been brought to fruition. In the middle of works scandal and the group split into two camps. Wagner, Krikmor and Baumgardner went to the "Earthburner", and Baxter and Griffin, announcing the termination of activity of "Broken hope",teamed up under the guise of "Incivism".

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