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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Brooks Brothers by Hartmann` - a relatively new line of ` Brooks Brothers`, producing bags and suitcases. In turn, `Brooks Brothers` - is a large American company headquartered on MadisonAvenue (Madison Avenue) in New York (New York), a manufacturer of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

In 2008 the company `Brooks Brothers`, one of the oldest US manufacturers and distributors of clothing, accessories and home goods, has launched a line of bags and suitcases ` Brooks Brothers by Hartmann`,produced in collaboration with another legendary American brand, `Hartmann`. These bags and suitcases created with an eye to those who have to travel frequently on business need, designed carefully to provide customers with the maximum capacity is as maximum mobility. The collection `Brooks Brothers by Hartmann` are four different styles that are both surprising for its classical features and has all the features of fashionable and contemporary accessories. Bags and Cases from `Brooks Brothers by Hartmann` made of superior grade leather ` Aged Belting Leather`,the business card of the brand `Hartmann`, and painted in khaki nylon material special durability. Leather `Aged Belting Leather` attached to bags and suitcases sophisticated elegance, using pens, belts and trim surfaces, while the nylon material, lightweight and durable, moisture-resistant coating is impregnated with an additional ,that repels dirt, dust and water. Lining all products from the collection `Brooks Brothers by Hartmann` - nice dark blue color.

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