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Year of birth : 1818

Age: 197 years

Citizenship : United States


The company `Brooks Brothers`, manufactures exquisite men`s clothing was founded in 1818th as a family business. Today `Brooks Brothers` - is a private company owned by ` Retail Brand Alliance`, headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City (Manhattan, New York).

Brand `Brooks Brothers`, known ` very traditsionnoy` clothing, in fact, introduced the fashion market many new products. For example, in 1896, John E. Brooks (John E. Brooks),grandson, Henry Sands Brooks (Henry Sands Brooks), began to use the collar with buttons, after seeing ` fiksirovannye` collars on English polo player. Later, in 1953, appeared in stores a shirt from the series `Wash-and-Wear` (ie practically do not require ironing after washing) - a mixture of Dacron, polyester and cotton ,invented by Ruth R. Benerito (Ruth R. Benerito). This composition was named `Brooksweave`.

April 7, 1818 the first 45 -year-old Henry Sands Brooks opened the company `H. & D. H. Brooks & Co.` on the northeast corner of Catherine Street and Cherry Street in Manhattan. Proclaiming its fundamental principle, he said : ` create and deal with the best products only ,sell them at a fair price and work with people who seek and appreciate such tovary`. In 1850, his three sons, Elisha (Elisha), Daniel (Daniel), and John (John), inherited the family business - and renamed `H. & D. H. Brooks & Co.` in `Brooks Brothers`.

In 1850 the official logo of the brand `Brooks Brothers` was ` gold runo`. As the character ` golden skin barana` for many years it has been used by British merchants who ply wool.

The last member of the Brooks family, headed `Winthrop Holly Brooks`, sold the company in 1946 the company ` Julius Garfinckel & Co.`. After that, the head of the `Brooks Brothers` was John Wood (John C. Wood),under whose leadership the brand has become even more classic.

In 1969, it earned 10 stores `Brooks Brothers`, which were located in Manhattan, Chicago (Chicago), Boston (Boston), San Francisco (San Francisco), Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh), Los Angeles (Los Angeles), Atlanta (Atlanta) and Washington (Washington, DC).The company `Brooks Brothers` was acquired by the British company ` Marks and Spencer plc` in 1988.

In 2001, `Brooks Brothers` bought privately held company ` Retail Brand Alliance`, owned by the Italian billionaire Claudio Del Vecchio (Claudio del Vecchio).

Currently, `Brooks Brothers` clothes are sold in 210 stores in the US and 70 in others. countries. In 1998, he earned the official website of `Brooks Brothers`.

Although most of the products are imported, many firms suits, sports jackets, shirts and some accessories are made in the USA. Many of the costumes for the middle class of the line ` 1818` manufactured in Haverhill, Massachusetts (Haverhill, Massachusetts).Many shirts are manufactured on a specialized factory in Garland, North Carolina (Garland, North Carolina). In addition to clothing, the company `Brooks Brothers` produced a series of books on etiquette and manners, with which should have ladies and gentlemen.

In September 2007-CEO of `Brooks Brothers` Claudio Del Vecchio, announced the development of a new collection of high-end clothing for both men and women, called ` Black Fleece`. Del Vecchio has announced that the first guest star designer, are developing a collection that will be Tom Brown (Thom Browne) from New York. `Black Fleece` has been so successful, both the critics reactions and from a commercial point of view that in the winter of 2008 on Bleecker Street boutique was opened, which sold only one collection.

At the beginning of the history of the company has received the most notoriety for its ` gotovye` costumes for American customers. At the end of 19-century `Brooks Brothers` served the elite troops in New York City (New York) during the Civil War. However, the company entered into contracts for the production of uniforms became notorious as a prime example of corruption. Low quality of the clothes, often made of pressed rags effect on howuniforms that are literally falling apart at the first rain.

The company `Brooks Brothers`, working with the best representatives of society at the time created a custom-made black suit for the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln), who was killed in a theater box in 1865. The president at the time was just this suit. After that the company has ceased to produce the costumes of black color on request.

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