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BiographyThe American team "Brownsville station" was founded in 1969 in the town of Ann Arbor in Michigan. The founder of it was the guitarist and singer Cub Koda (Michael Code, p. 1 August 1948, Detroit in. July 1, 2000) .

Link to the music he has appeared in five years, when he started banging on the drum. In school, he organized a group of "Del-Tinos",Performed rock`n`roll, blues and rockabilly. The boys even managed to record a couple of singles before the band was dissolved. Koda played in two youth teams, before he slammed the idea of creating "Brownsville station". Need to say,Such thoughts came to him after a conversation with Michael Lutz (guitar) with whom he met at a music store.

When their conversation was present, and the son of the owner of this store El Nellie dudes immediately offered his services as a manager.Lutz code and look for a further two teammates in the face of Ted Kronli (drums) and Tony Drigginsa (bass) .

Brownsville stationDebyutirovav concerts in October 1969, the group played a year and a half in the clubs of the Midwest. In 1971, replacing drummer - it was Henry Century named " HSBC - bombs " - "Brownsville station" recorded their debut album "No B.S.. " There is nothing new in the music of the guys did not invent, on the record present a normal hard rock. Having released on the independent label " Big Tree Records " a couple of mediocre albums in the same vein (" Yeah " was but a little pomelodichnee and poblyuzovitee) group suddenly ascended up with the song "Smokin` In The Boys Room".This catchy little thing codes already soared to the third spot of the US charts. The single with this song has sold over two million copies.

By the way the bass at that time played Bruce Nazarian, as Driggins left the team back in 1972, and its a period substituted for Lutz. In 1974-m "Smokin` In The Boys Room" was still popular and even entered the top thirty best of British.

Brownsville stationPosleduyuschie special releases were not successful and the team had to be satisfied with only memories of the rapid take-off. More or less decent bagatelle was only "The Martian Boogie" in 1977, the disc ,based on the theme of "Feel So Good" Junior Parker. I disappointed with the time code in the hard rock and slowly began to be recorded alone, doing anything from rockabilly to jazz, but not hard. The latest attempt to regain lost ground "Brownsville station" launched in 1979 ,clicking on the "Epic" and there releasing their seventh album "Air Special". Disc successfully failed and the group was soon dissolved. All the musicians except codes disappeared in an unknown direction. Kab also tried to pursue a musical career, while managing to keep the column in the music magazine "Goldmine".He eventually become skilled in journalism and has become quite well-known music critic.

About "Brownsville station" had long been forgotten, remembering the group only once in 1985, when the cover "Smokin` In The Boys Room" by "Motley crue" was on the 16 th row of the charts.

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