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Although this group of musicians struggling to catch up with mystery, not appearing in public without masks, without giving interviews and using only pseudonyms, it is assumed that "Brujeria" - is the brainchild of the members of "Fear factory" guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Raymond Herrera ,scored himself to the aid of at least well-known personalities from "Napalm death", "Cradle of filth", "Dimmu Borgir", "Faith no more", "Down by law".

The name "Brujeria" was borrowed from the vocabulary of the musicians of Mexican drug dealers. The world first learned about this formation ,when the fall of 1990 on the shelves of American stores appeared the single "Demoniaco", released an unknown label.

The composition of the group, then on the cover, was as follows : Asesino (guitar) , Guero Sin Fe (bass) , Phantasm (drums) and Juan Brujah (vocals) . The album, which contained brutal music with lyrics in Spanish ,He attracted the attention of Hispanics, and soon it began to receive orders from Mexico and other Central American countries.

BrujeriaVtoroy single champions machete - metal, "Machetazos", was released in 1991. It was added to the aforementioned quartet still a couple of types under the nicknames El Pinch Pich (vocals) and El Grenudo (drums) Phantasm and meanwhile switched to bass. This time a group drew attention majeure record labels and the first who dared to make an offer formidable gang, became "Roadrunner records". Debut LP "Matando gueros", released by this company has sold 25,000 copies in 1993 ,that for this kind of music was a very good result.

By the way, there was a third album bass player (the two apparently had too little) aka Hongo. The following year "Brujeria" shock the public release of the single "El Patron", dedicated to the memory of the late General of the Colombian drug traffickers Pablo Escobar. Brujeria " Drug " theme song changed the political with the birth of their second album "Raza Odiada". Music is no change preerpela - Laba guys continued their extreme Latin death. After "Raza Odiada" has come a long silence ,interrupted briefly in 1997, access to the label "TeePee Records" single with a symbolic name "Marijuana". After it took another three years of silence, and many have already started talking about the team`s collapse. However, the rumors were incorrect and 2000 "Brujeria" are back with a new album. It was foundthat the group does not has lost her head and aggressiveness.

Lyrics to "Brujerizmo" focused on various sensitive issues - from the problem of AIDS to Fidel Castro`s policies. In 2001 came the first collection of hits from "Brujeria" - "! Mextremist", and Casares with Herrera had fun in his new side project "Asessino",where they helped Tony Campos from "Static-X".

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