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In autumn 1986 there was a team "Abomination" in Tampa, Florida, consisting of Larry Sapp (vocals, guitar) , Jeff Ekrsa (bass) and Donnie Janson (drums) . Its name was soon changed to "Darkness", and then once again - on "Brutality".

In the spring of 1987-of Janson I was fired, and features a couple of months " snitch " performed by Jim Cocker, and then the drums occupied Kenny Karg. Around the same time in the try to add a second guitarist, Bill Benson, but something went wrong with him, "Brutality" returned to the trio format. At the beginning of 1988 " brutalschiki " recorded a demo tape ,but its quality was disgusting, so when the team came guitarist Tim Mitchell, the session had to spend again.

Less than six months, as the Karg and Mitchell bowed, thereby causing another round of reshuffle. In the summer of 1989 returned to Coker second demo, "Dimension Demented" was recorded. MeanwhileSapp and Ekrsa did not leave the idea to get a second guitarist, and after a couple of failed attempts this very position occupied Don Gates.

Brutality Following the release of "Dimension Demented" Coker managed to get in touch with "Gore Records" and at the beginning of 1990, "Brutality" zaimeli first official single. In May of 1991 he was born another demo, "Metamorphosis",which they recorded in "Morrisound" death of the legendary studio. The summer of the same year in a concert plan dawned hot, and the band played a bunch of sets, including those with the "Hellwitch", "Malevolent Creation" and "Obituary". Just at this time a split in the team, and in the fall, Larry had gone to organize a new project, "Astaroth".Replacing Sapp guitarist Jay Fernandez and passing the vocal duties Ekrsu, "Brutality" gave birth to three-song demo, by which received a contract from the "Nuclear Blast".

The label released one single, followed by a new vocalist Scott Reygelem debut album, "Screams Of Anguish" was recorded. At the end of the sessions Fernandez replaced Bryan Hipp, and the team went on tour with "Hypocrisy". In 1994 came the second Full Movies, "When The Sky Turns Black". The release is also accompanied by a tour, but this time they were in the company of "Bolt Thrower" and "Cemetary".

BrutalityPo end of the tour for personal reasons resigned Gates ,but the hippies just put out the door. The resulting job took Dana Walsh and Danny Gay, and the updated composition was made on "Milwaukee Metal Fest" and "Internationl Metal Fest". In 1995, the latest album, "In Mourning" was recorded at the sessions which together Gay attended Pete Sykes. Drive Output repeatedly delayed ,and shortly after its release, it was announced the dissolution of the team. An attempt to revive the name of the "Brutality" was made at the beginning of the millennium, when Sapp and Ekrs, forgetting the old squabbles, went back to their co- songwriting. A little jam, musicians realized that they have more to say to the world ,and organized a session for the trial records and the preparation of a new album.

Work in full swing full swing, and the matter has been attached to an unprecedented "Brutality" number of people : Jim Coker, Reygel Scott, Brian Hipp, Don Gates and guitarist "Astaroth" Demian Heftel. The Group entered into a contract with the Polish label "Still Dead Productions",but to release the album it did not succeed. May 3, 2004, died Larry Sapp, and after a while his fellow - brutalschiki announced the termination of the activity.

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