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In the world of rock, mired recently in a post-grunge and pop - metal, "Buckcherry" with their downhole riffs, worthy of Angus Young became a breath of fresh air.

The music of this five from Los Angeles was a worthy return to the best traditions of hard rock `80s. The history of the band started in 1995 ,when through a mutual friend tattoo agreed vocalist Joshua Todd (ex- "Slamhound") and guitarist Keith Nelson. The two began to write and record songs, which can be found the influence of many artists, such as "AC / DC", "Metallica", Iggy Pop, Smokey Robinson, "Kiss", and others.After some time, the team was beefed up drummer Devon Glenn, bassist Jonathan Breitman and second guitarist with the strange name of Yoga. The team was first christened "Sparrow", but in order to avoid conflicts with the recording company "Sparrow records" was subsequently renamed "Buck cherry", and then - in "Buckcherry".BuckcherryDovolno quickly cobble together a team currently hefty army of fans around Los Angeles. In fact, it was not too surprising, since in the repertoire of the gang were present songs like "Lit up" with the provocative chorus " I love the cocaine ". Just this song and became a favorite of many American radio stations.A live "Buckcherry" the audience also attracted the band`s image, especially her tattooed frontman, reminds both Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. In 1999, after signing a contract with "Dreamworks records", debut album.

Fans embraced the disc with delight, and it was not too much time ,as sales of the disc crossed the platinum mark, and two accompanying singles became hits. In the same 1999 - m "Buckcherry" awarded to warm themselves "Kiss" on their European tour. In addition, the group also toured America, Australia and Japan.

Buckcherry team became often invited to TV,and entrusted it to participate in the creation of soundtracks for the films "Road trip" and "

Mission impossible 2 ". In spring 2001 the band released in light of their second LP ," Time bomb ". Everyone was expecting a repeat success, but this album, which took 64 th place in the charts ," the Billboard ", sold much worse than its predecessor. Apparently frustrated with this situation in August 2001, he left the team, Jonathan Brightman. To participate in the subsequent tour his replacement was taken as another bass player, Josh Flieger. At the end of the year "Buckcherry" recorded a cover of Willie Nelson`s "On The Road Again" for the collection "Crank It Up",and Joshua Todd, along with MiTOM Loaf starred in the film "The Salton Sea".

In 2002, the collapse of the team continued : first knocked Devon Glenn, and then left himself frontman, who wished to pursue a solo career. As a result, "Buckcherry" ceased to exist. After the dissolution of the composition of its team "Crushed" heard in the soundtrack "The Banger Sisters".

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