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Along with the "Byrds" This group is the best American folk-rock team. During his short career "Buffalo Springfield" managed to lay the foundations of style, later called country - rock.

One of the founders of the group, Stephen Stills (b. January 30, 1945, Dallas, USA) , in 1963 he enrolled in the University, but the thirst for music turned him this way, and he dropped out, started playing in various folk clubs.The following year he traveled all over North America, passing acquaintance with Neil Young (b. November 12, 1945, Toronto, Canada) and Richie Feret (p. 9 May 1944, Dayton, United States) . At the latest Stills managed to play in the New York group "The a go go singers", and then went to Los Angeles ,where he tried to put together his team, along with Van Dyke Parks. But the guys that something went wrong, and they fled in different directions.

But in the " city of angels " arrived Feret, along with Stills and they began to look for other participants of the new project. Oddly enough, but at the same time, Neil Young, taking a long-time friend Bruce Palmer ,I left Toronto and went to California to seek his acquaintances Stephen and Richie. So, in the E - Hey they crossed the road, and beefed up the composition of drummer Dewey Martin (born September 30, 1942, Chesterville, Canada ;. Ex "Dillard"), the guys got down to business.

Buffalo springfieldSvezheispechennuyu group would be called "The herd", but kakFeret then caught the eye of road roller marks "Buffalo Springfield", and sign quickly changed. His first ensemble gave concerts in the popular Los Angeles-based club "Whiskey A Go Go", and gradually gaining popularity. The number of admirers of "Buffalo Springfield" has been steadily increasing. In June 1966 a group of managers noticed Brian Stone and Charlie Greene, who helped the musicians to sign a contract with "Atco-Atlantic". The first single issued on this label, the ballad Young "Nowadays Clancy Can`t Even Sing". A few months later was ready and debut album, "Buffalo Springfield",which included the hit Stills "For What It`s Worth". This song is dedicated to disperse a student demonstration in March 1967 was on the seventh line of the American charts.

Meanwhile, the team observed mess with bassists. In a short time, it managed to beat Ken Koblan, Bruce Palmer, Ken Forss and Jim Fielder (b. October 4, 1947 ,Denton, United States) . In the confusion album "Stampede" was recorded, but this record was never released to the public.

Buffalo springfieldZato by the end of 1967, appeared on the shelves of second LP, "Again". In this paper, "Buffalo Springfield" made from simple folk bias toward Hardy and psychedelia. At that time, the team had three songwriter - Stills, Young and Ferrers. All three were very talented, and this simply could not lead to controversy. The first could not resist Young and slammed the door. And after the performance at the festival in Monterey in "Blood, sweat and tears" left fielder. After a while, Yang cooled down and again asked for the group, and with it drew and Palmer. Bruce, however, paused briefly and was replaced by the Jim Messina (b. December 5, 1947, Maywood, United States) . This configuration has issued the latest hit single, "Rock`n`Roll Woman", has reached the 44 th position charts.

However, differences have reached a limit and ,having played in Los Angeles, his last concert, in May 1968, "Buffalo Springfield" ceased to exist. The latest album, "Last Time Around", Messina finished the alone (no wonder he was a sound engineer) . For a long time after the collapse of the rumors about the revival of the group, but this did not happen. Stills and Young then played together in "Crosby, Stills, Nah & Young", and Messina and Ferrers established country - rock band "Poco".

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