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Originalnoe name: Ron Tal

Original name: Rohn Tul


You, of course, familiar with the music of Ron Tal, or, as he asks to call themselves, Bumblefoot.It was his melodies sound in such popular programs on MTV as " Osborne ", " Pimp My Ride ", " The Real World " and even show Jessica Simpson`s " Newlyweds. "

However, it`s not all his merits : Ron Thal - is, first and foremost, a unique musician and self-taught guitarist, singer and producer.

Bumblefoot decided that would be a musician at the age of 6 years ,after he heard the group Kiss. At first he wanted to become a drummer, like his older brother, Jeff, therefore, to determine who is more talented, they have a couple of drumming on the kitchen table. Jeff won and went to learn to play the drums, and Ron was going to take lessons on the bass guitar. But as his fingers were too small for the bass ,his teacher advised first to play on a conventional guitar, while the fingers grow. However, then almost all the way of becoming a musician, Ron has done one without - or teachers. That is what, in fact, a self-taught guitarist, he determined his unique style.

In the 89 th year of its demoEntry pointed known label Shrapnel Records, who published his first two albums. The ensuing quarrel musician and label Bumblefoot`a forced to buy back his contract and set up his own studio - Hermit Inc. Always believing that music should be a lively, interesting, Ron uses when recording everythingthat it is possible to produce the desired sound : in the course are shoes, sewing thimbles, paper cups and vintage microphones 60s. As a result, in his music he combines melodic and alternative rock, latin, jazz, hip - hop and much more interesting. Which countries do not seem to this mix, the result is always excellent.Mix in a mad mix group Primus, Mr. Bungle, Tom Jones and Frank Zappa, and you get only a glimpse of what is Bumblefoot.

We should also talk about guitars Ron. He never liked the standard models sold in stores, so even with the 13 - year-old he began making guitar itself : a giant hand ,inlaid in her moth, fur, guitar -Swedish cheese and many others. Now, the French firm has been producing individual Vigier guitars on his projects and his " subscription " series.

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