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"The Byrds" were one of the first teams in the United States, which is the wave of " Beatlemania " made a big transformation in the rock bit, introduced the fashion of long hair, and other accessories hippovskoy fashion.

Typically, this group is associated by connoisseurs of rock music with the style of " folk-rock ". But in the creative biography "Byrds" is the period when they played music, located at the junction of different genres, which is close to what is now called art rock. Initially, there was a group called "The Jet Set", and consisted of three musicians playing acoustic folk music in Los Angeles clubs. It includes : Roger McGuinn (guitar ,vocals), Gene Clark (rhythm guitar, vocals) and David Crosby (guitar, vocals). Their first single, "Please Let Me Love You", was released under the pseudonym of "Beefeaters" and had no success. At the end of 1964 the team appeared bassist Chris Hillman and drummer Michael Clarke. The group changed its name to "The Byrds" and signing a contract with "CBS",recorded her first album, made in the style of " folk-rock ". The first real success "Byrds" was associated with the release of the single "Mr. Tambourine Man", which hit the top of the charts in both the US and in England.

Organizing tour groups to Europe, the managers began to submit them as " American response " Beatles ". " But,their tour in the UK did not have the expected success. But output in the light of the album "Mr Tambourine Man" cemented "Byrds" credibility of folk-rock pioneers. He was presented the songs of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger, as well as guitarist Gene Clark, who began to gain strength as the original composer, influencing their creativity on the image of the group. The next album, "Turn! Turn! Turn!", Took the US number first. The group became the idol of youth. "The Byrds" were one of the first teams in the United States, which is the wave of " Beatlemania " made a big transformation in the rock bit, introduced the fashion of long hair, and other accessories hippovskoy fashion. Gradually the music and lyrics, the group appeared deeper and more diverse topics, talking about the departure from the usual folk-rock. In early 1966 he released the single "Eight Miles High", which contemporaries noted as the beginning of psychedelic rock music. A period ,when in the work group felt the desire to expand the scope of his work. In the records of the time you can hear elements of avant-garde jazz and Indian music. Critics have called this kind of experiments " eclectic ," but it is, in fact, was the first attempt to fuse the organic -based rhythm and blues thatthat direct relation to it did not matter. As it happened in the future with progressive rock, the slightest complication led to the loss of commercial success. "Eight Miles High" was on the last place in the charts, and some radio stations were prohibited from broadcasting this single because there allegedly concealed appeal to drugs.Then there was a fatal change in the composition of the group. From it left the main songwriter and lead singer Gene Clark. The main reason for leaving was his fear of flying, and the group ahead for constant touring, relating to hops. "Byrds" continued his career four, writing a new album "Fifth Dimention" in ironichno-philosophical mood, with a psychedelic twist. But from this point on their commercial chart success began to decline. In 1967, after the release of the fourth album in the light, "Younger Than Yesterday", continued changes in the composition of the group. For sessions Gene Clark was invited to three weeks. However, the team left, Michael Clarke,in place of which in 1968 came to a cousin Hillman Kevin Kelly. There was also a singer, composer and guitarist Gram Parsons.

group image has changed somewhat. First, " The Byrds " began to experiment with the sound in the studio, using all sorts of novelties, electronic effects and mixing techniques, achieving a "space " sound. Secondly, their way of psychedelic band shifted towards more " country-rock ". In the summer of 1968 Gram Parsons suddenly he left the band, allegedly tore " sickness " tour of Latin America. Bassist Chris Hillman, quarreled with the manager of the group, too, was gone, teaming up with Parsons in "Flyind Buritto Brothers".Guide "Byrds" assumed Jim McGuinn, collecting new composition, which included Clarence White (guitar, vocals), John York (bass) and Gene Parsons (drums) . After recording two albums - "Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde" and "Ballad of Easy Rider" - came a new drummer - Skip Bettin. In this part of the group it lasted for nearly five years. In 1973 he passed away just two of its former member. First it was hit by a drunk driver, Clarence White, and then died of a drug overdose Gram Parsons.

Other former members of the "Byrds" continued its activities in various projects. The most successful was the career of David Crosby in "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young". True,he was hit by a drug addiction and, finally landed in jail. In the late `80s, he got rid of a serious illness, and again, full of enthusiasm made attempts to revive the "Byrds" with McGuinn and Hillman. Among the former " birdovtsev " the struggle for copyrights. After the trials the right to use the name of the group conquered drummer Michael Clarke. In 1990, Crosby with McGuinn and Hillman recorded four songs included in the collection of the 90 most popular songs of the year. In 1991, all the participants of " The Byrds " were included in the list of " Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "Restore group did not succeed in its early formulation. In 1991 Gene Clark died, and in 1993 - Michael Clarke.

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