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Anderson entered the WWE in 1999, already well-established fighter. He was at that time a strong, wise and experienced.

Born in the American town Releyg, North Carolina. Former in the past avid baseball player, he came to wrestling only after college.

His first fight he spends in 1993.

In 1996, Anderson opened his own professional school fight in Smithfield, North Carolina, which he called " Anderson Academy ," where he trains future champions. Double C Anderson - an independent fighter, he tries not to be bound by contracts with restlerskimi federations. This does not prevent him from many and often act on the rings.

First of all, Andersen - a very experienced fighter, and very, very serious.

His nickname of " peace officer " - a reminder to those who still do not understand ,that he has a cruel habit of destroying all who will come to mind to stand in his way. There will be no mercy.

Anderson entered the WWE in 1999, already well-established fighter. He was at that time a strong, wise and experienced.

Shortly before that he had already participated in the Zero-One in Japanand then subsequently moved to close the organization "Extreme Championship Wrestling".

It is fast becoming one of the top wrestlers, due to its principle of "no bullshit" (no shit) , and, of course, a classic southern style wrestling.

In the ring, Anderson simply terrible. His left jab Crusher.

Peace officers - wrestler "old school "he always works on the " full speed. "

His typical style of a select portion of the opponent`s body and mutilate it as long as it does not hang helplessly. And then Anderson can only force the opponent to surrender. And if it is error-free strategy did not work, then Anderson begins to feel his opponent`s resistance udivitelno-diverse arsenal of techniques, which include : " Spaynbaster ", " Claws of Samson " and " Superpleks ". Moreover, Andersen competently mixed all of the above with its flawless, "southern " style fight, which he holds all his life in the ring.

Anderson - resistant and persistent wrestler, always and unequivocally aimed at victory. Victory at any cost and by any victims

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