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A talented guitarist Marty Friedman actively began studying music since the age of fourteen. The first group, to which he had a hand, become teenage team "Deuce". Later, Marty gain experience in "Vixen" and "Hawaii".

By 1986, Friedman moved to San Francisco ,where with the help of producer Mike Varney was going to record an album. The album was planned as a solo, since the material in March, it was enough. For the sessions could only collect the accompanying structure. However, everything changed when Friedman met the boy named Jason Becker.

Tom was only sixteen years old,but he owned a guitar so well that Marty listened to him open-mouthed. In addition, it turned out that Jason has a stash in a bunch of its own developments. After several joint jams guys came to the conclusion that they need to work together and prepare an album together. That`s the way, and came into the world "Cacophony".CacophonySostav newly formed project complemented the vocalist Peter Marrina (ex- "Le Mans") and drummer Atma Anhur. Bassist at first was not, but the musicians is not very worried, because all the relevant parties brilliantly played by Friedman himself. The debut album "Cacophony" came on "Shrapnel records" label in 1987. The name plate "Speed metal symphony" fully reflects the style of the band. Neo - classic speed metal with progressive elements with powerful guitar solos - that was the basis of the disc.

After the release of "Speed metal symphony" team joined bassist Jimmy O`Shea, a seat at the drums took Dean Castronovo ,known to music fans as his collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and "Journey". In 1988, "Cacophony" released their second and, as it turned out, the last work. "Go off!" I came all on the same "Shrapnel", and produced his Stephen Fontana.

CacophonyNa this album Friedman and Becker continued to hone their skills, and to find out guitar duels ,who among them is the best. However, in addition to fast skilful kompozitsiyplastinka contained a couple of beautiful ballads. In general, the drive was very high quality and was warmly received by critics. However, for unknown reasons, releases "Cacophony" commercial had no success. Immediately upon completion of the sessions of "Go off!" the team dumped Castronovo ,providing further knock Kenny Stavropulosu. The group existed for a couple of years, but due to lack of commercial interest to it was disbanded in 1990.

But while the project is still there, Marty and Jason have released on a solo album, and helped each other in this activity. After the breakup, "Cacophony" Marty Friedman found himself in the ranks of the famous "Megadeth". Less fortunate Becker - after a period of playing with David Lee Roth he was bedridden for a serious illness. But even in such a situation, he found the strength to record a solo album, created with the help of a computer.

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