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CactusThe name of the gang came up with Appice, who once caught the eye of a movie theater with a sign "Cactus", and Carmine decided that it would be fun and give his group.

After the dissolution of "Vanilla fudge" Tim Bogert (p 27 August 1944, Richfield, USA. Bass, vocals) and Carmine Appice (p.15 December 1946, New York, drums, vocals) began to think aboutthat we ought to stir up a new project, performing music that is different from " doeksperimentirovavsheysya " " Vanilla ". The solution was soon found - of course you have to play hard rock. As reference points were chosen Jimi Hendrix and "Led zeppelin", and in the company to his musicians invited Jeff Beck. However, this trinity was not destined to start rehearsals ,since Beck was in an accident. I had to look for a replacement, and such was found in the person of two people. Rusty Day already had experience in "The Detroit wheels", "The Amboy Dukes" and "Dealers blues band", and his colleague at the " Wheels " Joseph " Jim " McCarthy had time to attend to the "Buddy Miles express".

The name of the gang came up with Appice, who kakit caught the eye of a movie theater with a sign "Cactus", and Carmine decided that it would be fun and give his group. By signing the contract with the label "Atco" and "Atlantic" musicians were in the "Break Out studio". Rehearsals went very well and the songs were written while on the go. The guys were very happy with each other and wondered why they had not played together.

"Live " debut " Cactus Files Manager " held on 16 May 1970, when they played at the stadium in harness with "Steve Miller Band", "Grateful Dead" and Hendrix himself. Around the same time work on their debut album was finished. The album is a hard boogie, and the company "Atlantic" thought that it sound too rude. The album had to remix, but this time the label to find fault with the cover. Solid guys did not like cactus image resembling the male sexual organ. This problem also was settled ,putting on display more comely thorn. The album was very warmly received by the audience and inspired by the " Cactus " re- started for the sessions, which took place in the studio Hendrix`s "Electric Lady".

By the time the team at full strength much addicted to drugs. The grass musicians are not translated, and sometimes in the course of walking and LSD. However, the team has managed to create a cult status, and its enthusiastically received concerts. Not without incident, and some participants ` Cactus Files Manager " for his " violent "behavior from time to time found themselves behind bars.

A string of non-stop concerts,binge-drinking sessions, and soon led to disagreements and coordinated vnachalekomanda began to falter. The first thought about leaving McCarthy, but he had the strength to take part in the recording of the third album, "Restrictions". Temporarily replaced Jim Ron Lidzhek, but after a few months he lost guitar Werner Frittsshlingsu. Following this pressure "Atlantic" team left and Rusty Day. New frontman Peter became French from "Atomic rooster", and keyboards were available to Duane Hitchings. In 1972, this configuration has released "Ol`n`Sweaty", the album is very different from previous works. Although the record has turned out pretty high quality ,Many fans are not just a group of reorientation and turned away from the "Cactus". Circulation drive was much smaller than its predecessors, and here before Appice and Bogert again materialized Jeff Beck, and the guys quickly faded to him.

Rights to "Cactus" they handed Hitchings, and the changing sign on "The New Cactus Band",with a revamped team released a CD "Son of Cactus". In 1976, Rusty Day made an attempt to revive the "Cactus", but apart from his former participants in the composition of this formation was not limited to the popularity of its state of Florida. June 4, 1980 Day together with his son was killed in his home

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