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BiographyGroup "Cage" came into being in 1992, when the world grunge rules. Apparently so metalheads from San Diego took three years to record their first album. However, this material has never been published, and the debut CD of the "Cage" appeared in 1998. In a six-year delay were also positive moments - because the group could choose to drive the best songs. After the release of "Unveiled" the rumors of the newly-minted team began to spread rapidly in the metal underground.

Despite the fact that the group at that time was unsigned, its promotional campaign would envy some mazhorschiki. This was made possible thanks to massive liquidity injections vocalist Sean Peck, who worked part-time in a solid real estate firms. For the realization of "Unveiled" took first local distributors, and soon the application for the album began to arrive from Europe. In contact with the "Cage" I became a journalist Jurgen Shmaler ,musicians who offered to participate in the competition of the magazine "Rock hard".

CagePrizom was the possibility of the appearance at the famous festival "Dynamo". "Cage" agreed to the event and easily walked more than 600 competitors took first place. Thus, in 1999 the team fell to the "Dynamo", where the headliners were the legendary "Metallica".In addition, the song "Shoot to kill" landed on CD, distributed with the magazine "Rock hard". Record companies prosekli chip and began to throw metallyug from San Diego with suggestions. After a series of negotiations, the musicians chose an independent German label "Omega records".With enough practice on opening for "Iron maiden", "Dio", "Judas priest", "Dokken", the team took up the creation of a second album. They demanded by fans thirsting for the continuation of "Unveiled". And the "Astrology" did not deceive their expectations, as the head superior to its predecessor and sounded as if it was not the second ,and the fourth or fifth album (the band is so advanced in its development) .

Cage " Astrological " success allowed " Cage " to appear in the summer of 2001 at two European festivals, including the prestigious "Wacken Open Air". After returning izoverseas team got a new contract - with freshly baked by American metal "World War III Records" and the German "Massacre Records". The team then visited the famous Californian studio "Silver cloud", which recorded its third album, "Darker than black". Produce work helped Richard Carretto (Bruce Dickinson ,"Halford", "Steel prophet", "Wayne").

The songs on "Dark than black" became faster and more aggressive than previous releases, and Peck vocals ranged from screaming to growling. The metal community has responded positively to these innovations, which is bound to affect the sales of the disc. Many magazines have put the album a perfect score,thus recognizing the affiliation "Cage" to the big leagues tyazhmeta.

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