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The style of this team is positioned by most critics as " alternative rock ", although " muffins " in fact perform an amazing mixture of funk, hip-hop, country, new wave ,jazz and rock guitar.

Singer, composer, he is the founder of "Cake" John McCrea 80 years spent in Sacramento, performing both solo and as part of other groups. By the end of the 80s, John realized that the only way to succeed in the music field - is moving to Los Angeles. Upon arrival in the " city of angels " McCree strongly advocated in coffee shops ,playing solo acoustic program.

In the summer of 1991, the musician first appeared under the name "Cake". It turned out that Los Angeles was not prepared for the generous reception McCree. In this city, everything was the same, only more so, John came back to Sacramento. Here, the musician tried to turn the solo project into a full team. Under the banner of "Cake" were called drummer Frank French, trumpeter Vince Di Fiore, guitarist Greg Brown and bassist Sean Makfessel.

CakeV 1993, the quintet released the single "Rock`n`roll lifestyle", and then proceeded to record their debut full length. All work on the release of the album until the band did a cover design on their own and pay all of their own pockets. However, they were lucky, and "Motorcade of generosity" noted company "Capricorn records", the album holding spreading across America. A full release took place in 1994 ,when there was a part of several substitutions. As a result, the permutation place bassist Victor Damiani won, followed by shock turned Todd Roper.

While the band toured heavily throughout the United States, "Capricorn" reissued single "Rock`n`roll lifestyle", had won some success on college and alternative radio stations. In 1996-m "Cake" made a major breakthrough with their second album. Due to hit Brown`s "The distance" drive "Fashion nugget" made it into the Top 40, and its circulation amounted to more than a million copies.

CakeNesmotrya on the success of the group left, Greg Brown and Victor Damiani, osnovashie novovolnovy project "Deathray". McCree was about to disband the team ,but after returning to bass Gabe Nelson decided against it. Substitutions Brown did not immediately found, so the third album was recorded with a bunch of guest guitarists. Just after the release of "Prolonging the magic" in the team appeared postoyanschik Xan Makkurdi. "Magic", followed by the hits "Nevere there", "Sheep go to heaven", "Let go",as well as its predecessor, jumped platinum mark.

In 2000, the "Cake" signed a new contract with "Columbia records", which debuted the following year with the album "Comfort eagle". With him " cupcakes " put your new record Chartova - 13th position. After the release of "Comfort Eagle" by Todd Roper departed Affairs ,decided to come to grips with family problems. He was replaced by Pete McNeal, but his stay at the "Cake" was short-lived, and during sessions "Pressure Chief", he gave way to Paolo Baldi.

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