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The most prestigious and luxurious brand

The American brand of expensive designer men`s and women`s clothing from the fashion house `Calvin Klein`. Designer clothes, dresses, coats and raincoats, shirts, sunglasses, shoes and leather accessories are sold under this brand ,which is the top level of the pyramid of various brands of fashion house `Calvin Klein`.

`Calvin Klein Collection` is one of several brands ` Calvin Klein`, belonging to `Calvin Klein Inc.`, subsidiary ` Phillips Van Heusen (PVH) `. The `PVH` describe ` Calvin Klein Collection` as ` the most prestigious and luxurious brand ,specifies the level of elegance and modern sophistication. Before the 2003 `PVH` decided to buy the rights to ` Calvin Klein Collection`, design collections developed at the headquarters in the heart of New York (New York City), while production of clothing would only deal with European companies. Since 2003, the license for `Collection` belonged ` Vestimenta SpA`, the Italian producer, who worked with designers and houses from the world of high fashion, but after bankruptcy `Vestimenta SpA`, since the spring of 2006, the production of ` Calvin Klein Collection` passed to ` Fingen SpA of Italy` subsidiary under the brand name `CMI (Confezioni Moda Italia)`.Recall, `Fingen SpA of Italy` engaged in production for the brand ` Calvin Klein Jeanswear` in Europe (Europe) and Asia (Asia) and `ck Calvin Klein` in Europe. In late 2005, New York-based clothing manufacturer `Warnaco Group`, who previously worked with Fashion House ` Calvin Klein` over collections sportswear and denim apparel in the US market ,agreed to acquire a license from the Florentine `Fingen SpA of Italy` for $ 286 million from 2008 to 2013.

Women`s dresses from the `Calvin Klein Collection` in retail stores are, on average, from 700 to 1,400 dollars, but the cost can reach $ 3,000 and above.The cost of a man`s suit is about 1,300 US dollars. These prices are significantly higher than that of similar objects in sports clothing company lines.

The European headquarters of the `Calvin Klein Collection` is located in Milan (Milan), and the labels on the clothes read as ` made in Italy`.The line of women`s clothing today is the result of a collaboration between the New York designer Francisco Costa (Francisco Costa) and the Italian licensee.

Before the fashion house `Calvin Klein` sold ` PVH` in late 2002, with the design of men`s and women`s collections he watched Calvin Klein. After selling the company, he has kakoe-while acted as a consultant, but was later released from all his duties. Currently, the post of creative director of the female line `Calvin Klein Collection` takes Brazilian designer Francisco Costa, a former designer ` Gucci`, who has worked directly with Calvin Klein before Klein left the company. Italanec mutt Italo (Italo Zuhccelli) , who worked previously with Jill Sander (Jil Sander) and Romeo Jill (Romeo Gigli) , is responsible for the direction muzskoe brand. He worked with Calvin Klein on protyazhenii sixth seasons, stood before setting kreativnym Director male line in spring 2004 to go. Although `Calvin Klein Collection` enjoys the fame of a very expensive and high-quality clothes, in fact, this ready-to-wear collection, not haute couture. New collections of the brand are shown twice a year, women on the New York Fashion Week (New York Fashion Week), and the men at Milan Fashion Week (Milan Fashion Week).Currently, there is only one company store `Calvin Klein Collection`, which owns ` PVH`, in the United States (United States), the Parisian brand store was closed because it considered unprofitable. The third store in Dallas (Dallas) was closed in the summer of 2005 for the same reason. However, there are a number of chain stores, for example ,Dubai (Dubai), who are working on an affiliate program.

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