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`Calvin Klein Inc.` - American fashion house international level.

In 1968, Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) was founded in New York City (New York City) his first store - `Calvin Klein Ltd.`; He was placed at the `York Hotel`. According to a famous legend,a year in Klein store absolutely accidentally strayed from the buyer `Bonwit Teller`; Klein clothes he liked, so he eventually bought the product at $ 50,000. There is reason to believe that in fact, Klein simply contacted with the `Bonwit Teller` directly and managed to get them interested in their creativity. Already in 1969-m Klein starred on the cover of `Vogue`; by 1971 th the range of products under its label added to the classic jackets, blazers, underwear and sportswear. If by the end of the first year of the child Klein earned him $ 1 million by 1971 -mu this figure increased almost 5 times.

By 1977-m annual income amounted to $ 30 million ; by the time Klein was selling scarves, shoes, belts, furs, sunglasses, and linens. After some time, the range expanded also due to jeans, cosmetics and men`s clothing ; Klein`s revenues rose to $ 100 million.

In 1978, Calvin Klein said ,that during the first week he was able to sell 200,000 pairs of jeans its unique. As of 1981, the year `Fortune` praised Klein`s annual income at $ 8.5 million per year.

In the mid-70s Calvin Klein has produced a unique series of jeans with his name on the back pocket ; remember they are not in the least because of advertising with 15-Summer Brooke Shields (Brooke Shields). The campaign - which included, among other things, a lot of pictures of teenagers in sexually explicit poses, recruiting - caused at the time a lot of noise ; however, their task advertisers coped brilliantly. Brooke Shields, by the way, worked with Klein and in the future - in 1984-m she starred for advertising its new range of underwear.

The first attempt to do makeup and perfume Klein undertook in the late `70s ; Alas, the attempt was unsuccessful - Calvin lost a considerable sum and was eventually forced to leave the market. Fortunately, the incredible popularity of designer jeans do not splurge finally gave Klein ;quite warm, was adopted and his new project - a series of boxers for men and women. For one year only Klein earned on this line of around $ 70 million. Trade underwear Calvin brought considerable income in the future.

Peak offspring Klein`s success came in the early `80s. Licensing Project ,brought the total of 24,000 dollars a year of its launch in 1974, ten years later provided Klein `s annual salary of 7.3 million dollars ; retail sales of its products worldwide amounted to more than $ 600 million. At that time, clothing `Calvin Klein Inc.` sold in 12,000 stores in America alone ;It had branches in the company and in six other countries. The annual revenues of $ 12 million.

Alas, gradually ` white polosa` beginning to darken significantly - pressure from all sides, with financial problems and conflicts with licensees literally never stopped. We began to decline, and sales ; over time, rumors that `Calvin Klein Inc.` Will soon change the owner. At the end of 1987, the company had nearly sold `Triangle Industries`; the deal fell through only the collapse of the stock market.

With difficulty avoiding almost certain bankruptcy, Klein was able to regain lost ground, and had begun to derive income to their former positions. We helped him in this highly successful line of lingerie and perfumes ; considerable success and was waiting for a new line of sportswear.

In 1993, Calvin Klein was the best designers of America (America`s Best Designer); by the thought that things could not be going well. Much to the surprise of others, in 1999 the company was re- offered for sale.For a long time, Klein had no luck - the company level `LVMH`,` Pinault Printemps Redoute`, `Tommy Hilfiger Corp.` and ` Holding di Partecipazioni` showed moderate interest to him, but to reach an agreement they could not. Seven months later, Klein announced that his company is no longer available ; however,he nevertheless continued to review incoming proposals. `Calvin Klein Inc.` was finally sold only in December of 2002 ; We bought it `Phillips Van Heusen Corp`.

Initially Klein kept the post of artistic director of his former company - now become a division composed of `PVH`;over time its role has decreased - first Calvin became a consultant, and then was removed from the cases almost completely. Later Klein name surfaced in the press only in connection with a series of scandals, dedicated to drug use and antisocial behavior.