Calvin Klein

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Year of birth : 1968

Age: 47 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


`Calvin Klein Inc.` - fashion brand, founded in 1968, the American designer Calvin Klein (Calvin Klein) and his friend Barry Schwartz (Barry Schwartz). The company`s headquarters is located in Manhattan, New York (Midtown Manhattan, New York City).It began with the company`s brand `Calvin Klein Limited` - a small shop in the hotel ` York` in New York ; start-up capital of the company amounted to only $ 10,000. His first collection - a selection of coats and raincoats for men and women - Calvin introduced in the New York store `Bonwit Teller`.

In 1969, Calvin first appeared on the cover of the magazine `Vogue`.In 1971 clothing collection for women supplemented with a selection of sports suits, classic blazers and lingerie.

In 1973, Klein received his first prize `Coty` (Coty American Fashion Critics` Award) - for the collection of women`s clothing.

In 1977, the company`s revenues amounted to $ 30 million ;by the time the fashion house already had licenses for scarves, shoes, belts, furs and sunglasses. The share of the company`s founders - Kelvin and Barry - accounted for $ 4 million. Meanwhile, the product range continued to grow House - the company obtained licenses for cosmetics, jeans, and menswear.

In 1978-m Klein during the first week of the same trade was able to sell more than 200,000 new jeans.

At the end of the 70 `Calvin Klein` tried to break into the perfume and cosmetics markets; Alas, here they waited for failure - and substantial costs.

In the `80s, at the peak of the wave of success is absolutely insane designer jeans - one model of jeans Calvin once created ,just put your logo on the back pocket - Klein released a new hit ; New ` boksery` for men and women immediately became a hit. According to rumors, the first year of Calvin received these ` bokserah` $ 70 million.

In the 90 `s underwear from `CK` advertised giant billboards ; He flaunted on billboards of Mark Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg).Later on Klein underwear has not lost its popularity ; from a certain point of Kelvin is a household name in relation to the laundry.

In the early 80`s sales continued to grow ; later, however, the situation has changed. Designers began to pursue the problem of a different sort - the financial turmoil, the conflicts and the strong drop in licensing sales.

At the end of 1987, `Calvin Klein Industries` nearly sold ` Triangle Industries` - and a drop in the exchange failed to prevent it.

The situation deteriorated further ; in 1992, the fashion house was almost bankrupt. Klein, however, managed to save his empire from inevitable destruction - have helped him with it all the same underwear,perfume line and a series of sportswear.

In 1993, Calvin was voted ` Best designer Ameriki` ; it seemed that black time for `Calvin Klein` passed. Alas, the joy was premature - in 1999 the company was re- offered for sale. For 7 months Klein has not been able to find a decent buyer ; ads were withdrawn.Sell their offspring Calvin still managed, but only in December of 2002 ; I bought his empire corporation `Phillips Van Heusen Corp`. According to indirect data, the purchase cost of 400 million in cash, 30 million shares and renewal of licenses and rights to royalties for 15 years. knownthe initiator of the transaction was CEO `Phillips Van Heusen Corp` Klatski Bruce (Bruce Klatsky). In the hands of a new owner fashion house I got a second wind and is quite successfully operating to this day. Klein continued his design, but of management processes for the most part moved away.

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