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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 yearBirthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


Guys successfully combine different sound styles, including heavy metal, hardcore, jazz, hip - hop and ambient. Often the direction of `Candiria` described as ` urban- fyuzhn`.

The band formed in 1992 with vocalist Carley Coma (Carley Coma),guitarists Chris Puma (Chris Puma) and Eric Matthews (Eric Matthews), and drummer Kenneth Sholkom (Shock) (Kenneth Schalk). At the very beginning of his career he stands out `Candiria` extraordinary vocal sound, starting from the roar of the net and ending rap. The guitar riffs with a style characterized by rhythmic chords bust with a touch of jazz and master drummer Sholk often resorted to polyrhythms. Finally, Michael McIvor (Michael MacIvor), who was responsible for the bass lines of the group, should be considered as a party `Candiria`, have the least impact on its rock sound.Before the release of the album `Beyond Reasonable Doubt` 1997, Chris Puma was replaced by John Lamachchia (John Lamacchia), the latter himself left the band after the release of ` What Doesn`t Kill You. .. ` 2004 due to personal problems.

Kogda`Candiria` 9 September of 2002 arrived in Cleveland (Cleveland) in the framework of the planned tour to support the album, 18-giant wheel truck crashed into the back of the van the group, which at that time were sleeping, some of its members. The van rolled over several times and stopped on the road, pokuvyrkatsya more than 20 meters ; Eric, John and Mike were thrown through the windows. All members of the group were hospitalized with serious injuries ,then began a period of a long and painful recovery. According to rumors, the children paid 29 million. Dollars in compensation.

Lamachchia then returned to the group to perform the author of most of the musical material of the album `Kiss The Lie` 2009. After that, the team of Eric Matthews left, including due to injuries ,obtained in the course of a terrible accident.

As for the second guitar began to answer Eddie Ortiz (Eddie Ortiz), well-known in the group `Cattlepress`, ` Candiria` team went into the studio to record `Kiss The Lie`. After Sholk session said that it was time to go the other way, and left `Candiria`. Due to lack of rhythmsection of the tour in support of new album could not speak, and the label `Type A Records` froze the release of two years, become the president zalozhnikom` ` `Type A Records` Bendet David (David Bendeth). Meanwhile, Bendet launched ` anmastering - miks` recording eMusic, Napster and iTunes in November 2008, even without notifying the members of the group. After that, guitarist John Lamachchia March 4, 2009 on his label `Rising Pulse Records` released a full ` Kiss The Lie`, but only in vinyl format.

By March 2009, a group `Candiria` represented only Lamachchia John and Carly Coma. The latter said that, most likely, the future group will be associated with electronic music. But,when in the mid-2009 back Michael McIvor, in August they released `Toying With The Insanities Volume 1`, for which in September was followed by ` Toying With The Insanities Volume 2`. Albums is a collection of remixes of previous recordings of the band. Finally, `Toying With the Insanities Volume III` was presented in 2010. It has been suggested that `Candiria` - is the plural of the word ` kandiru` (`candiru`), the name of freshwater fish living in the Amazon. But Kenneth Sholk said the group agreed on this embodiment, not knowing about the existence of such a fish. In any case, the assumption was false ,as the name of the fish come to us from the now extinct Tupi language (Old Tupi), going to the Portuguese, and then in the other. languages. In Portuguese the plural form. kandiru` of ` not ` candiria`, but simply `candirus`.

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