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Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe American team of brutal Buffalo "Cannibal corpse" was created in 1988 on the ruins of the two groups - "Tirant Sun" and "Beyond Death".

It included such personalities as a vocalist Chris Barnes, guitarists Bob Rasey and Jack Owen, bassist Alex Webster and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. Taking the direction of the style of "Slayer" and "Death",band recorded a demo landslide, immediately attracted the attention of the label "Metal blade" and soon " Cannibals " have signed a contract with him as much as seven albums. All members of the band wanted to play so brutal as anyone until then did not play. The result of this impulse was the album of 1990 "Eaten Back To Life",musically it represents a really brutal children, sometimes even turning into noise, but at the same time contained a rather more technical riffs.

However, attention is attracted to the collective rather than the musical content as shocking lyrics of Chris, the content of which can be judged by the names of the songs : " Skull ,full of maggots ", " Edible autopsy ", " Rotting head ", etc.

Cannibal corpseV for many years "Cannibal corpse" has consistently operated a similar theme, bringing the concentration of corpses irazlagayuschihsya viscera to the heights of exquisite grotesque.With the release of the album "Butchered at Birth" and "Tomb of the Mutilated" group received a cult status in the metal environment, helped not only further refinements Barnes and company in all kinds of perversions, but also the growth of musicians skills. In 1993, as part of the changes we started : in place of the exiled Bob Raseya team came Rob Barrett (ex- "Malevolent Creation"). Together with him "Cannibal corpse" starred in the movie "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective". The fourth CD "The Bleeding" was enthusiastically adopted by many thousands army of fans.

" Cannibals " proved once again ,that compares favorably to the groups of type "Internal bleeding" because it does not stand still and constantly bring new elements into their music. This time, the guys managed to record just as brutal as it is melodic album. technicality level also rose sharply.

Cannibal corpseBezuprechny sound ,perfect structuring allowed to name the disc even to some extent intellectual, though "Cannibal corpse" and does not think bump into some techno - freaks. At the mid-session, the next album, " Vile ", between the musicians began the next showdown, which resulted from the team knocked main " Flesheater " Chris Barnes. He was replaced by George Fisher of "Monstrocity". Nevertheless, the care for a long time, the true face of the former "Cannibal corpse", has become an unpleasant surprise for many, and the fifth LP was initially adopted was not as good as we would like the team. But,Soon all was settled : Barnes, along with musicians from " Death " and " Obituary " stirred up quite a new successful project "Six feet under", remaining " cannibals " and without pathological learned to compose texts, and the fans started to get used to the kind of vocal style Fischer.

In 1998 he left the band guitarist Jack Owen ,and to replace him was taken by Pat O`Brien, who played previously in "Nevermore" and "Monstrosity". In 2000 they released their first official live album "Cannibal corpse" - "Live cannibalism", published also on the video.

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