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Place of birth : Brooklyn, United States

Citizenship : United States


The summer of 1995. New York is melted by the heat of a flaming sun. The sun`s rays shine in the eyes ,leaping from a boom -box, which plays the last masterpiece of Wu-Tang Clan, the album Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. .."

Cappadonna rushes into a rap music without any warning. Backed by RZA, he became the best dopolnenime hip-hop groups of the 1990s.

But who is Cappadonna? What kind of man ? And he made a deal with the best hiphop teams, located on top of the world ? " Before we judge about other things and people, first you have to know yourself, " - says one of the most mysterious readers three years later, before the release of his album "THE PILLAGE". " I do not compete with anyone. I just came to move forward ,teach and spread his teachings on this world. .. "

In the track "Winter Warz" was recorded the same year for the film "Don`t Be A Menace To South Central", who put Cappadonna name and style of performance with music in people`s heads. The songs on the album get Ghostface Killah "Ironman" in 1996. In 1997 Cappadonna hits the double album Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Forever."

New stage for Cappadonna, a native of Brooklyn, pupil Staten Island, the former guard and the present thrower of rhymes - 1998. More than a dozen songs Cappadonna appear on the Wu-Tang. Representing East Barracks projects in Park Hill,lifelong friend Wu breaks together with his "THE PILLAGE", six strokes clan.

With the same charm that has made him famous, Cappadonna tightens into their world with their album "Slang Editorial", Produced by True Master, and two music videos from this album.

Looking back, Cappadonna says : "` Ice Cream` was theI left there. It was a bait to see if my music is perceived by the public or not. And it was my chance to prove to the world the importance and see if he will accept me or break me. "

Now, being chelovekm with more experience under his belt, Wu Gambino makes it clear that his album - it is painstaking creation,which forces to pay attention to his style.

As he says : " Food and clothes here are basic human needs at this stage, so I do it all (at Cappadonna have their own clothing line, in my opinion) and I feel through my clothes wake up in the morning, I know.. . that I wear. I`m going to work on the clothes line and on his music like a scientist, creating small masterpieces. And I am sure that thanks to these small masterpieces I shall take big Grammy. "

29 -year-old rapper - most often appearing than ever the character. He often refers to prose, reading it as the Psalms, referring to her more than to rhymes. This is a great art. As explains Cappadonna: " Many people are trying to deal with the environment we have to die where we are living I have lost a lot of my brothers, I know that I was born to die here, I never stood out among the rest I live.. .. here, and my music - the sounds of the place of burial. "

As on any other album Wu-Tang can hear a lot of collaborations, and on "THE PILLAGE" there are joint songs. In the song "Oh Donna" Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah not only dedicate the words Memory Richie Valens, but also remember the people who have contributed to the base of the Wu-Tang style.

" We create a lot of things that are not devoted to us.And at the same time, we can only understand what we wanted to say in these tvoreniyah.No eventually people catch on. This is a great Wu - Tang slang, " - says Cappadonna.

"Dart Throwing" at participation Raekwon and Method Man is truly ingenious thing. This lethal mixture of poison and lyrics. "Run" - second video with "THE PILLAGE" -It is reversing per track. This declaration of the people living on the other side of the law. It - side of life Cappadonna, which he fortunately left behind.

Elegant man with good taste, Cappadonna - first of all, the owner of the magnificent style readings. Perhaps better known by the expression " every day I meet with myself "Cappadonna have shown and proved that the movement - the key to survival and a greater understanding of the universe. "THE PILLAGE" - his outlook on life, an open invitation to listeners to enjoy his meal wisdom. And Cappadonna guarantees that they will get great satisfaction. He proudly declares : "I am - a piece of cake, you`re going to try. Do you understand what I am talking about?"

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