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Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


In 1971 ,when "Iron butterfly" is steadily moving toward disintegration, two of the band members, Lee Dorman and Larry " Rhino " Reinhardt decided to continue joint activities in another project. "Iron Butterfly " then flitted across Europe, and chased after her "Johnny Winter band", in whose ranks was listed Bobby Caldwell. Reno contacted uinterovskim drummer and an old friend invited him to join a new band. Bobby agreed with pleasure, and on arrival in the States of the trio has started joint rehearsals.

About a month later the band puzzled his manager looking for a singer ,and he has nominated former frontman of "Deep Purple" Rod Evans, who was then just nothing was not busy. Thus, the composition of the "Captain Beyond" has been fully completed, and the team began to normal operation. Having recorded one demo, the team went on to create a debut album. Captain BeyondHotya songwriting was attended by all the musicians on the record indicated the authorship and Caldwell Evans. This is due to the fact that Dorman and Reinhardt still had some obligations to the "Iron butterfly". Despite the fact that most members of the group were the Americans, the British record was a hard rock sound. Before recording their second album Caldwell gone, and its place was taken by percussionist Guillen Garcia and drummer Marty Rodriguez, who brought the sound of "Captain Beyond" Latin American rhythms. Apart from them in the creation of "Sufficiently Breathless" participated keyboardist Reese Winans, who performed a great solo in "Drifting In Space" composition.After the plate out of the group left Rod Evans, resulting in "Captain Beyond" on the verge of disintegration. In 1976, at the insistence of the label project was nevertheless revived. However, Evans did not support the idea of going back to the original structure, and " captains " had to find another singer. Captain BeyondPosle series of auditions musicians chose the Willy Daferne. With him, the band recorded the album "Dawn Explosion" and held about 20 concerts, and then began to fall apart again. Willie soon fled, and tried to replace Jimmy Henderson. However, the venture failed and the name "Captain Beyond" long disappeared from sight.Yet the return of " Captain " was held. In 1999, Reinhart and Caldwell revived the project with vocalist Jimi Interval, keyboardist Dan Fry and bassist Jeff Ertabeyzi. The team began to actively advocate and even wanted to release a live album, but plans have failed to implement.

First, for reasons of health resigned Frygiving place to Dave Muse. Then, from the series "Captain Beyond" was expelled interval, whose vocals resemble large Daferna than Evans (as Reno and Bobby tried to original sound) . With Kyle Rhoads at the microphone and rookie Steve Peter for keyboards Group held a number of concerts, after which its activity has gradually come to naught.

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