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Originalnoe name: Tony Dawson Harrison

Original name: Tony Dawson-Harrison


The project was created at the end of 1990 - 1991 year around the rapper Tony Dawson - Harrison (Tony Dawson-Harrison),who received from his dancers in the video nickname - Captain Hollywood, which will be the name of the new project. But the beginning was not as successful as it might seem.

The first album "Do That Thang" and 2 singles with him "Do That Thang" and "Shirley" issued at the end of the beginning of the 90go 91, was a real failure ,Europe and its music market could not simply accept the American hip - hop executable Tony. Many have given up on this, but Tony and Nosy Katzman (who was the composer of most of the songs) .

1992 was a year of breakthrough in the market, their initial success ,perceiving the lessons learned as a result of the failure of the first Tony and Nosy decided to change the style of the project and chose only beginning to emerge and gain strength Eurodance style. To participate in the recording of songs, noi invited, then a little- known singer Nina, which later became hugely Eurodance diva ,a voice that can be heard in many songs Eurodance projects. As a result, at the beginning of the year Captain Hollywood Project released his first single from his upcoming second album, titled "More & More". The success was stunning, the song immediately shot to first place dance, and not only the charts in Europe ,it rotates in discos, nightclubs, radio stations and television. In the end, the annual hit parade of MTV singles "More & More" took 3rd place !

Further - more, immediately issued a second single "Only With You" is also coming in the first place on sales in Europe. It is clear that the second album contains songs such slaughter ,Captain Hollywood Project, released in early 1993, titled "Love Is Not Sex" was greeted with enthusiasm and has sold nearly half a million copies worldwide. Project follow-up single was released in late 1993 under the name of "All I Want" and it withdrew from the project net eurodance and moved to Europop - popdens ,This single has held for some time in the charts in Europe, but not much success had, because it was the era of Eurodance ! But the next single "Impossible" project, again returned to prezhnyi style called success is not much less than the success of 1992 and the third album "Animals Or Humans" released in early 1995 ,has sold more than 200 thousand discs.

At this time, Nina left the band to start a solo career, and her place was taken by a new vocalist - Petra, and Tony established his own record label and studio - "Hollywood productions" unite with another 2mya producer and composer Tom Jacques aka G. Coin and Thomas Adler together with Attack II.Although it is still Katzman was the author of 4 tracks from this album. Despite all the changes success still leaves the project as it was often a project - evrodeens who replaced rappers or singers. 2 out amazing in the mid to late 1995,fast dance single from this album, "Flying High" to repeat the success of singles of 1992 and break through to the 1st place of the European charts and "Find Another Way" - supported the success of the first single, however the third slowest single "The Way Love Is" was extremely unfortunate and actually I failed.In mid-1996 Captain Hollywood came back to the company changing Mighty and unite with 3 new producers P Force, Miles Gordon and Alex Belcher, but the rest of the group has not changed. And the new single from the future alboma group called "Over And Over" was a very successful euro track. 4th album was released in the late summer of the same year under the name "Afterparty" under the name of a Captain Hollywood, without Project consoles, as dancers and others. On the album did not participate. It also meant that Captain Hollywood wants to open a new chapter of his career.

2nd single from the album "Love & Pain (remixed version)",landscape version of the song was the same style as "Over And Over", but in the single and video for him, he teamed up with stars eurodance - Masterboy, but the star eurodance rolls and single flopped in the charts and selling :- (Captain Hollywood decided to drastically change the style of adjusting to new trends ,Newest Arrivals and its single "Afterparty" album is released again in sharply differs from the album version fashion, but it did not help and single again flopped almost all over Europe. album sales were just miserable and turned huge losses. Then Captain Hollywood froze for 5 years. ...

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