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American fashion brand `Carl Xylas`, specializing in the production of women`s clothing, was founded by fashion designer Karl Zaylesom (Carl Xylas).The label `Carl Xylas` - a unique combination of classical elements with elements of futuristic cyberpunk, is an unforgettable assortment of past and expected future. Zayles whose individual collection was first introduced in 1999,He studied at the Parsons School of Design (Parsons School of Design) and Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology), and then some time was the famous designer brands `Tahari` and ` More Dash Than Cash`.

Collections `Carl Xylas` sold in specialty boutiques across the United States (United States).At the moment, the brand is not an official website, but all the latest information on income and new developments is available at a number of online resources, including a website style.com.

Being true to his own philosophy, the brand `Carl Xylas` uses sports fabrics and styles that combines the old, time-tested ,and new fashion trends. The bulk of the collection are products made from different fabrics, ranging from the traditional merino wool and synthetics ending. The case also comes handmade wool, silk, stretch, organza, soft lamb leather, suede, etc.

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