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Fashion brand `Carla Dawan Behrle`, specializing in the production of clothing for men and women, was founded by Carla Dawn Berle (Carla Dawn Behrle).

From the very beginning of his career, Charles was a New York innovator, pushing the boundaries in the fashion world. She used the incredibly inventive approachesto design and sew clothes made of leather and suede. As no one else possessed skin Berle said : ` Modern leather items are presented in many, many ways. .. And though initially they may seem gloomy, I would like to think that my design work provide protection, self-confidence and even contain elements fetishizma`. Its creation marked in major fashion magazines such as `Vogue` and ` Elle`. Before you launch your brand `Carla Dawan Behrle`, Berle since 1997 engaged in the production of finished leather lines. Thinking about the use of leather work, Berle said, ` This very material carries a group of dichotomies : the weakness and strength, luxury and stiffness ,hunter and hunted, internal and external peace and passivity and aggressiveness. These characteristics are the basis of the current identity manifestation. Leather covers a wide range of historical and cultural ties, affecting at once ancient and modern, utilitarianism and patritsianstvo`. Each item of clothing brand `Carla Dawan Behrle` made by hand, taking into account the client`s personality. A leather jacket or coat can include up to 60 parts, each of which is worked out from the beginning to the end with only one pair of hands. Lacing, lacing ,applique and inlay - all these special procedures are also carried out completely by hand. Many of the customers of the brand still wear various fashionable product `Carla Dawan Behrle`, acquired more than 15 years ago, indicating that the consistently high quality of the materials used and the skill of sewing. Marche `Carla Dawan Behrle` already expressed a preference for stars such as Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), Steve Tyler (Steve Tyler), Madonna (Madonna), Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts), Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Usher (Usher), Joan Jett (Joan Jett), Bono (Bono) and other members of the group `U2`.

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