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At that time, in the mid-80s western television and radio was filled with metalheads such as "Poison", "Ratt" and "Motley Crue", existed and underground metal scene. One of its representatives was the team from New York`s "Carnivore".

He founded it in 1983, former leader of the "Fallout" Pete Steele (Peter Ratajczyk, p 4 January 1962 ; bass, vocals) in the company of guitarist Keith Alexander and drummer Lou Bityu (also from "Fallout"). Pretty soon the group gained fame scandalous show, when guysLike the members of the "Manowar" began to dress up in animal skins and then top to get into any hockey helmets and other rubbish, trying to depict the costumes of post- nuclear society.

Of course, the attributes included blood and guts of animals and other similar gadgets. Theme songs, too, was a match for the visual range of - war ,violence and other "charms ". The basis of the same musical style "Carnivore" took a creative "Celtic frost" and "Venom", significantly increasing the speed of execution, almost bringing it to the limit.

In 1985, all their achievements Group decided to implement on vinyl, recorded their debut album. The album, released on the "Roadrunner records" in 1986 ,It was dedicated to the life of the remnants of humanity after a nuclear war. Throughout the text there are corpses, murder, cannibalism, etc. After that drive output turned out that the "Carnivore" insanely popular in narrow circles, but the number of hated group is significantly higher than the number of fans. It was not surprising ,even if the judge by the names of songs such as "Jesus Hitler" and "Angry Neurotic Catholics". The anger manifested itself in a variety of unexpected ways. For example, once Steele received in the mail a package full of dog shit. However, such incidents little confused musicians, and they continued to give concerts.

In 1986, Alexander left the team ,who left to organize "Primal scream" with Steve Alliano and Rob Graham. Instead, he picked up a guitar, Mark Piovanetti.

In 1987 came the second, she zheposlednyaya team record, "Retaliation". Here extreme speed metal has been transformed into hardcore. At the same time it changed the band`s image. Men gave up their futuristic costumes and picked up a more decent clothes. The texts were the same although provocative, but relative to the first album were softer. In connection with all these audiences "Carnivore" is significantly increased, and the glory of them spread far beyond his native Brooklyn. The group was at the peak of his career, but then, as often happens in such cases, friction began between team members and the project ceased to exist in February 1988.

Piovanetti went to "The crumbsuckers". Steele also tried to continue the line started in the "Carnivore" projects "Repulsion" and "Sub zero",but then changed direction to the Gothic and organized the infamous "Type o negative".

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