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`Carolina Herrera New York` - fashion label ,created by American designer Carolina Herrera Venezuelan origin (Carolina Herrera).

Herrera founded his company 19 years ago ; Even then she had a pretty clear idea of how to look and dress self-respecting modern woman. The translation of these ideas into practice, and glorified Herrera ;Now her company is known throughout the world as one of the best manufacturers of luxurious clothes. Minimalism is now no longer in fashion - modern women do not hesitate to show the world its beauty and charm in all possible ways ; Herrera has always believed that it is on these principles and should be based women`s clothing ,so that the latest trends play it only on a hand.

Carolina is nice not only women`s clothing ; Before she could work in other areas. In 1991, the designer launched a line of men`s fragrances `Carolina Herrera for Men` - and almost immediately achieved a tremendous success. The perfume industry is very difficult to assertions in the occupied positions really stable ; Herrera, however, it is possible - new flavors from `Carolina Herrera` consistently rank in the top ten perfume masterpieces of the world.

Caroline managed to try his hand on the accessories market. Luxury scarves, belts, ties ,bags and all kinds of leather goods made by Herrera designed schemes lies on the shelves of the most famous US stores - like `Saks Fifth Avenue`.

The volume of wholesale turnover label products `Carolina Herrera, Ltd.` worldwide has already exceeded $ 100 million ;about half of this volume Herrera owes large retail chains - like `Harrods`,` Saks Fifth Avenue`, `Neiman Marcus` and ` Bergdorf Goodman`.

Carolina, by the way, sells its own products not only through the major networks - it has its own boutique in London (London) and three large stores in the United States - Los Angeles, Kalifrniya (Los Angeles,California), Dallas, TX (Dallas, Texas) and New York (New York).

In 2003, Carolina Herrera launched a new brand - `CH Carolina Herrera`. Only this year has opened four new stores the company. Active extension of the brand and continues to this day ; `CH` shops is already in the ten largest cities in the US ;captures Carolina and overseas market - one of its boutiques opened in Caracas, Venezuela (Caracas, Venezuela)

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Carolina Herrera New York picture
Carolina Herrera New York photo
Carolina Herrera New York image
Carolina Herrera New York pic
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