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"The Cars" are usually classified by music critics as a new wave band. Although their style is rather peculiar ,and like the first album sounded a mixture of hard rock, disco and punk.

The same group continued to do for the past ten years, despite the changes in musical fashion. "Cars" was founded in Boston in 1976. The leader of the group was Ric Ocasek (b. March 23, 1949) , singer, guitarist and songwriter. His fascination with mysticism often slips into the lyrics. Rick Little inferior in leadership Benjamin Orr, the second vocalist and bassist. The other band members were guitarist Elliot Easton, drummer David Robinson and keyboardist Greg Hawkes. Before you gather in the "Cars" musicians already had time to play with each other in different projects : "Milkwood", "Richard & the Rabbits", "Ocasek and Orr", "Cap`n Swing".

All of these commands by 1977 poraspadalis and in 1978, "Cars" began his career by releasing the first single "Just What I Needed". With this song, the band has won the hearts of many listeners, and so the first two albums were met by the public quite warm. A particular success enjoyed such compositions like "My Best Friend`s Girl", "Let`s Go", "You`re All I`ve Got Tonight", "Double Life", "It`s All I Can Do" and " Moving In Stereo ".

CarsPoskolku songs had a noticeable "electronic" sound tint, some critics compared the band music from the cold steel cars. But this sound brought the popularity of the team. In 1980, Okaseka developed severe depression, as reflected in the "Panorama" album. Critics of the cool things about this record, but the fans have a different opinion, they drive very much. Also in 1980 came the first video of the band, "Panorama". While Rick was worried ,that spoil the video texts, nevertheless it was a good film - a sort of mysterious spy story. Disc 1982 "Shake It Up" became the most successful album "Cars". The title track, the single published, occupied high positions in the charts. Video that accompanied the album, and "Since You`re Gone" is also in great demand. Meanwhile, Ric Ocasek engaged in recording solo album "Beatitude", released in 1983. Greg Hawkes, looking at the matter, also in the same year released a solo album, consisting of some instrumentals. The following year, "Cars" recorded a record - bestseller "Heartbeat City". Following this release was followed by a string of hit singles. CarsNa 1984 was the peak of popularity of the group. Musicians held ochenuspeshny tour, released another video and ogrebli heap all sorts of awards. As always, after the mad success trouble started between members of the team began rubbing, which is mainly explained by the strict guidelines Okaseka little to reckon with the opinion of colleagues. As a result, stagnation was observed in the group at that time. Musicians do solo and side projects. All this fresh-water sponge lasted until 1987, when the "Cars" made an attempt to come together again. Sowing in the studio they recorded their last album "Door To Door". However, by the time the fans are already disappointed in the group and believedthat she is already unable to do such things like the classic "You Are the Girl" and "Strap Me In". The failure of the new album and accompanying video will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the group. Once the conflict began, and the group was officially disbanded in 1988.

The group members were scattered in different directions ,but still their work was somehow connected with music. In 1995, to the delight of music fans "Cars" was released compilation "The Cars` Anthology: Just What I Needed". October 5, 2000 after a long illness from cancer, died Benjamin Orr.

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