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Year of birth : 1907

Age: 108 years

Place of birth : California, United States

Citizenship : United States

Leading brand swimwear

`Catalina Swimwear` -one of the oldest clothing manufacturers in California (California) and one of the most recognizable brands in the industry of swimwear and clothing for the beach.

The history of the brand began in 1907, when there was a `Bentz Knitting Mills`, a small factory for the production of linen and knitwear. In 1912 the name was changed to `Pacific Knitting Mills`,and along with the name change and the range of products - to underwear and sweaters added a line of swimwear. In the third and last time the factory changed its name in 1928.

The earliest knitted woolen bathing suits - Simple One Piece Swimsuits - appeared in the United States (USA) at the dawn of the new 20th century ,thanks to the Australian swimming star Annette Kellermen (Annette Kellerman). In the 1920s, `Catalina` producing a frank and fashion swimwear, including a bold striped pattern ` Chicken Suit`, male model `Speed Suit` and swimsuit rib weave ` S`.

With the era of luxury and glamor of 30th `Catalina` acquired advertising slogan ,reads : `Styled for the Stars of Hollywood` (` Designed for Hollywood zvezd`) . Ad campaigns for the brand took part in the real Hollywood stars, including Bette Davis (Bette Davis), Joan Blondell (Joan Blondell) and Olivia de Havilland (Olivia de Havilland).While the average price for a swimsuit from `Catalina` ranged from $ 5 to $ 10, that today is equivalent to 110-185 dollars.

The growth and success of the company was associated with legendary beauty contest ` Miss Amerika` (Miss America). When `Catalina` sponsored the contest in the 40s, the participants went on stage only in a swimsuit company.`Catalina Swimwear` refused to continue to provide sponsorship of the competition in 1951, when the winner Yolanda Betbiz (Yolande Betbeze), brought up in a Catholic school, refused to pose in a swimsuit for publicity photos. The company was quite rich and influential orderto establish their own competitions SSHA` ` Miss (Miss USA),` Miss Teen SSHA` (Miss Teen USA) and ` Miss Vselennaya` (Miss Universe), by sponsoring them for decades. Appeared and a new slogan : `Around the world. .. it`s Catalina` (` In the world. .. It `Catalina``).

In the 60 `Catalina` joined forces with ` Cole`,another California swimwear manufacturer, established in 1925. In 1993, the duo joined the company `Authentic Fitness Corporation` subsidiary of ` Warnaco Inc.`. The merger led to the emergence of a powerful corporation, bringing together several brands in the field of sports and active lifestyle. The following year, it was decided to go to the mass retail market, and `Catalina` appeared in department stores ` Wal-Mart` across America.

Through licensing agreements the company has strengthened its position in South America (South America), especially in Brazil (Brazil), Argentina (Argentina), Uruguay (Uruguay) and Chile (Chile),sponsoring beauty contests in these countries, the participants of which have won the competition more than once ` Miss Vselennaya`. Today, products are manufactured and distributed in Brazil in South America through the company `Grupo Aguia`.

`Catalina` was part of the portfolio ` Warnaco Swimwear Group`, consisting of such famous brands as `Speedo`,` Anne Cole`,`Nautica` and ` Michael Kors` and others. Swimwear companies were sold in the United States (United States), Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), Canada (Canada) and Mexico (Mexico). Basically, this swimwear for women of different lines, including sports and for expectant mothers. In 2007, the `Catalina` took 7-th place in the list of the world`s leading manufacturers of swimwear. In December of the same year it became known that `Warnaco Group` sold the company ` Mocean Group`.

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