Picture of Chamillionaire

Birthday : 28.11.1979 year

Age: 36 years

Place of Birth : Houston, United States

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Hakim Seriki

Original name: Hakeem Seriki


Born Hakeem Seriki 28 November 1979, the year it was not so long ago. In addition to the fancy name of the father-Muslim and he got a harsh upbringing.

Future The Mixtape Messiah (aka The Truth from Texas, Color Chagin` Lizard and King Koopa) had no opportunity to listen to secular music at home, that parents can not stand. At the same time they lived very modestly, if not to say the very least. For example, until now the rapper hates rice,which he had to eat every day. However, the notorious influence of the street has done its job, and Hakim escaped listen N.W.A., Public Enemy and local heroes Geto Boys and UGK to friends, among whom was the now famous jeweler dentist rapper Paul Wall.At seventeen Chameleon and Paul became the promoters of some parties in Texas and thus became acquainted with Michael 5000 Watts, DJ cult that area. He had his own radio broadcast on the Houston The Box, and even 5000 Watts released mixtapes, which flew from hand to hand like a good hashish. At first, the guys just wanted to help him and in promotional releases Swishahouse studio, and ended the meeting on the freestyle `s upcoming next mixtape. Result liked and DJ and listeners. Thus began a musical career Chamillionaire.

Swishahouse, patrimony of 5000 Watts and OG Ron C,gradually became a cult among his countrymen, gathered around him a really talented and ambitious rappers. A lot of energy is promoted young Hakim and Paul. But Watts was in no hurry to share the ever-increasing income. "In Swisha House there were 13 participants, and we were the last to receive the money ," - said later Chameleon. The first could not stand Slim Thug, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall and left later. Already at that time Paul was organizational vein, which allowed him to gather like-minded group called "The Color Changin` Click". They released mixtapes and his very well. Now, at least, did not have to give the lion`s share of his uncle. And then there`s another di-DJ Radio The Box - Madd Hatta asked them to release a full album on his label Paid in Full Records. The album "Get Ya Mind Correct" has sold over 100 000 copies and was nominated for "Best Indie Album of the Year " by the magazine The Source.

CCC began to go to concerts and outside of your state, preparing a second album. Several labels offered them a contract, but the guys did not want to waste your time on trifles, waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, Chamillionaire has had time to shine on the major label, an album hyustontsa Lil Flip, whose album " Underground Legend is ", released by the Sony, received the " platinum ". And as if all went well ,but once again involved in the case the notorious " human factor" - childhood friends quarrel. The reason were called " creative differences." Like it or the money again played a role, but Chameleon leaves the band and the label, just a little bit unfinished on the second release. They parted with swearing and creaking, the younger brother Hakim ,also a rapper named Rasaq even cracked Wall`u at all honest people. But now, after some time, the beef is over - everyone does their job. Both are now even say that there was no Biff : " We just went our separate ways and do not communicate any more."

" And with Swishahouse and Paid in Full was one problem - the money is not given. So I decided to just work itself. To be sure that the money will not disappear - to control everything yourself. " Chamillionaire lured to his former co-owner of Swisha - OG Ron C, which was famous for the fact that the screwed- mixtapes expertly made and the case is set, the pair of mixtapes on the streets in demand. Meshali only former friends - for example, "Paid in Full" released the album "Controversy Sells" under the name Chamillionaire. By the way, just so must first album for Universal was to be called, who showed interest in Hakim. But the former accomplices broke all the plans. Paul Wall is returned to Swisha House and now, after the departure of the Mike Jones,It is the only star of the label.

Being underground star Chamillionaire not too bestowed major labels, in his opinion, there are all cheating and no benefit. But his manager still persuaded him to fly to New York on Nelly party, which would come down, and the representative of Universal, has long been hunted for Chameleon. The rapper flew to the party, but was too late. And waking up in the morning at the hotel, I found a dozen calls to the mobile from this very " yuniverselovtsa ". Soon after the contract was signed. Support label and own authority helped to pull up on the major- debut of famous people : Lil` Flip, Scott Storch, Bun B, Scarface, Mannie Fresh (as when-then King Koopa and Paul Wall were not 20,000 to buy from Mannie minus) , Cool & Dre and Krayzie Bone, single from which, "Ridin", two weeks was the first in the US charts. In an interview with allhiphop.com the question whether his appeal ruined by bit to Storch, Hakim replied modestly that he was worth a bit cheaper than normal calls Scott. The rapper calls himself a perfectionist, and released an album only when he was completely confident that nothing nor add nor take away. And the audience will appreciate it. Released in November 2005 "The Sound Of Revenge" was the most successful debut of Universal for the past 3 years and immediately received a " platinum ". Telephones his managers began ringing off the hook with an offer to record a joint track. Lucky Baby, Lil Wayne, Ciara, Young Buck, DJ Khaled. And he was called to help beginners Jibs and Natalie, and this is recognized. Chamillionaire began to live a different life, but has not forgotten his family - helps mom and sister ,become pregnant at an early age, and his brother and did Rasaq signed to his label Chamillionaire. He is accompanied by his speeches, which the brothers prefer to go by bus - fear of planes.

For the rapper it was very important not to lose the respect of the people who supported him and bought up self-made mixtapes in his native Houston.Therefore, three months after the release of " normal " "The Sound of Revenge", by Chamilitary Records appeared screwed & chopped version. "You can not subscribe to the Major and just do not care about all the things that helped you achieve this. " And rightly so - " do not forget your roots. "

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