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Citizenship: United States

Fashion - as a means of self-expression

`Charlie Lapson` - American fashion brand, founded by the famous designer Lepsonom Charlie (Charlie Lapson), which remains its sole owner.Under this brand produced a collection of jewelry, watches, handbags and accessories for men, which are sold in the United States (United States), as well as abroad. Fine artist and successful entrepreneur, Charlie Lepson masterfully plays with color, texture and shape of each of its products, turning them into true works of art,it is not surprising that among his regular customers so many celebrities.

Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway), Felicity Huffman (Felicity Huffman), Javier Bardem (Javier Bardem), Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba), Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton), Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas), Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington),Melanie Griffit (Melanie Griffith), Chad mother Myurrey (Chad Michael Murray), Dakota Fanning (Dakota Fanning), Dzhennifer Eniston (Jennifer Aniston), Uill Smith (Will Smith), Kirsten Dance (Kirstin Dunst), Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria), Teri Hatcher (Teri Hatcher), Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone), Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) and Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt)- Just a few of the stars who appear regularly in jewelry and accessories from `Charlie Lapson`.

Charlie Lepsona career in the fashion industry started in education, gave the world a lot of big names - in the Manhattan School of Arts (School of Visual Arts) and the Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion Institute of Technology).Charlie was still a student, and his already distinguished and considered one of the youngest trendsetters when Lepson presented his first fashion collection, which fell on the New soulYork dandies.

Over time, his success only increased, and for a while Lepson moved to Los Angeles (Los Angeles), where he led a number of projects,including the design team for the brand `Protest` and` Bugle Boy`. In California (California) Charlie worked on the daily collections to a young audience, as well as releasing their own collections, it refers rather to the high fashion.

According to the designer, fashion - it is a means of self-expression, individuality and creativity,and the creation of new collections - his most favorite hobby, and Lepson is proud to belong to the world of fashion and design.

Both the designer, and the products of his work - they are `amerikanskie`. Through participation in these high-profile events as the `Oscar (Academy Award),` Emmi` (Emmy),`Gremmi` (Grammy) and the contest` American Idol`, Charlie once again confirmed that fully possesses the art of combining a masterful design with a strong personality, which allowed him to become one of the most sought-after consultants in the entertainment and fashion industry.

A native of New York (New York City),Charlie feels at home in Hollywood (Hollywood) and Miami (Miami). If Charlie does not fly to Italy (Italy), to personally select the skin and precious stones of the highest quality, or are not satisfied with the presentation of his latest fashion show in Shanghai (Shanghai),it will almost certainly be found in various charity and fashion events throughout the year

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