Picture of Chaumet

Year of birth : 1780

Age: 235 years

Citizenship : United States


Based jewelry fashion house `Chaumet` was in 1780 - m. Fame came to the company at the time of the Emperor Napoleon I (Emperor Napoleon I).

Founder `Chaumet` Marie Etienne Nito (Marie-Etienne Nitot) suggested the emperor to use precious stones as a kind of symbol of power and influence of the empire as a whole; Napoleon`s idea is relished, and Nito was appointed official court jeweler. In this capacity, Marie- Etienne has created many masterpieces - like the imperial sword and some wonderful decorations Empress Josephine (Empress Josephine) and the Empress Marie-Louise (Empress Marie-Louise).

Alas, the empire was much less durable than glorifying her diamonds. Case MarieEtienne after the fall of the empire is not interrupted - continued his work, Jean - Baptiste Vossen (Jean-Baptiste Fossin) and his son Jules (Jules). Vossen was once the manager of the company Nieto ; is he the son of Marie- Etienne, Francois - Renaud (Francois-Reno) and sold the family business. The brainchild Vossen - Named in the period `Fossin & Fils` - supplied jewels in the style of the Italian Renaissance and French 18th-century royal courts across Europe.

In 1862 - m jewelry company again changed its owner - the company sold Vossen Prosper Morel (Prosper Morel); that, in turn, handed over the reins of the company in-law ,Joseph Chaumet (Joseph Chaumet).

The change of leadership of the company has gone a whole can only benefit - fashion house ` pereshel` La Manche (English Channel) and settled in London (London). British Quite quickly noticed and appreciated creations of French masters ;after a while Morel became the official supplier of jewelery at the Queen Victoria (Queen Victoria). Gradually the list of his famous clients started to grow ; House decorations were Napoleon III (Emperor Napoleon III) and the Empress Eugenie (Eugenie de Montijo), La Rochefoucauld Counts (Rochefoucault) and Luynes (Luynes),rich Parisian businessmen, industrialists and bankers.

Officially named contemporary fashion house received only in 1885 ; under the leadership called it in his honor Joseph Chaumet company has become one of the symbols ` beautiful epohi`.

In the 20s of the 20th century tastes began to change gradually ; It became popular decorations ,obviously made in geometric style. Joseph Chaumet at the helm of the company had already succeeded by his son, Marcel (Marcel Chaumet). After the war, Marcel Chaumet for the reputation of innovator, embodying the very essence of French taste, style and creativity.

In 1987-m company `Chaumet` - Governors at the time the brothers Jacques (Jacques) and Pierre (Pierre) - went bankrupt ; debt at the time of the company accumulated to 1.4 billion francs. Most of these debts brothers owed their attempts to speculate on the market of diamonds and a very untimely drop in market prices. Brothers even charged with illegal banking transactions ; eventually each of them received six months in jail - which, of course, caused a considerable buzz in the press and active participation in the discussions about the incident high-ranking officials.

In 1987, the firm bought the bankrupt investment bank `Investcorp`;while the company continued to generate losses alone, but by 1998 the situation had improved. In October 1999, `Chaumet` bought the ` LVMH`. Around the same time, the company attempted to expand markets and to settle in the United States ; Alas,Americas for `Chaumet` proved too tough nut to crack - but jewelers in Asia were more fortunate.

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