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We knew fraternal kinship groups such as Wilsons brothers (Beach boys),brothers Gallagher (Oasis) or other Gallagher (Raven), Buchanan (Exploited) and Hartnoll (Orbital), as well as twin brothers from Good Charlotte.

From a Christian environment known to us brothers Tosti (Pax217), brothers Vulstenhalmy (Lifehouse), Chapin brothers (Tait), brothers Foreman (Switchfoot), brothers Martin (Dance house children),Payne Brothers (All star united), but it`s usually only two or three people, with the involvement of musicians who have no direct blood relations. But Chevelle purely related team, composed of three siblings, a very rare case. It would be trite, if not for the fact that the Chevelle is not just a great band ,and even in mainstream climbed without much straining, given also the fact that sounded Chevelle is not the best Christian rock bands, as it seemed to many in 1998, but in fact Chevelle opened his own style ! They got into the mainstream, we have come up with their own line -. emo bark. , And sell millions of albums, here`s a little family. We, of course, used to the fact that our Christian. tyazhelovesy. out into the mainstream, such as the same : P.O.D., Project86, 12 Stones, Blindside, Pillar, Skillet, but for rock and alternative collectives with a bias in the emo - rock, somehow we do not think. And you. On. ,after the smashing success Lifehouse be devastating mainstream success alternative brotherhood Chevelle, which despite their gravity to. tyazhelym. The Group does not. For starters, let`s look at the history of the group.

So, this is akin to a devastating trio of Chicago (Illinois) , was formed in 1995. The Group is organized Pete Lofler rather his initiative, as it has since the early childhood hollowed drums and felt that it should be somewhere to apply every year. So, in the beginning I was a bit Lofler, and he had a drum, and his brother was running with a guitar in the garage.

The composition of Chevelle include only relatives, if you have not forgotten. three brothers Lofler (Pete, Joe and Sam) , and three of them hit their alternative sound on the road US alternative scene.

Initially, the group played a purely covers, not seeking and do not plan anything serious. Surely every musician to know the time when he begins to think about a serious project ,and looking at him and laughing outside observers, they say, nothing you could not and do not exercise, they say, nonsense. Yet there was an idea to create a real team.

In the process, everything went pretty well, the band started their own something to write. And it was about that time when many Christians are still pulling back from the shock ,obtained in Dc talk show. Welcome to the freak show. It was a time when there were only Christian groups that now are super popular stars.

When the youngest of Joe Lofler showed that plays better than previous boomed, the group began to work in the full composition of a related. Joe was then 14 years. So,the band played and played until no play to that landed on Squint records, which recorded the album Point # 1 to the 4th May 1999. Simply put, the band signed with a fairly significant in the Christian environment label - Squint records, which is very productive, and has represented such artists as : Sixpence non the richer,38 parallel, Skillet, Building 429 novices and others. And who do you think, it was produced by the brotherhood Loflerov album ? Himself Steve Albini, who produced sietlovsky phenomenon of Nirvana and Pixies (!), As well as Bush and Poly Jean Harvey (PJ Harvey). Chevelle originally signed a contract with the Christian label Word records ,owned by Amy Grant and John amuse. Start Group is not planning to be written on the Christian label, but it happened.

Music Chevelle wrote three songs composed Pete and Sam, well, apparently because they both were the instigators of collective Chevelle.

Group, in support of their debut album, gave many concerts with such monsters ,like :. Powerman 5000, Static-X, Sevendust, Type o negative, in general, with world-renowned. monstrami rock, which at that time had been shot on the charts of the Western world.

When Chevelle removed the clip for MIA song, they immediately began to reckon clones Tool will, as the video was purely Tool.ovskom style with Tool.ovskim melancholy, suicidal vein. As a result of the Christian Dove awards ceremony in 2001 Chevelle were awarded. golubya. , For the song. Point # 1. in the category of heavy. luchshaya Christian song. , although, at the time lost in popularity Chevelle dynamic newcomers Earthsuit, which in turn have been nominated for the same category, but all are worth paying attention to ,Chevelle that unique.

After the overwhelming success debyutki, Chevell.i left the Squint, and pitched. lager. on Epic, Sony music branch, and this is no comments yet, you know.

Chevelle started recording new material, and 8th October 2002 in the light came the album Wonder what.s next. New producer Gert became Richardsonworked with. marksistami. Rage against the machine and. zhestkoryami. Mudvayne. Kerf album, while listening, you just crash into the ears of the tracks and Comfortable Liar Send the pain below, tough and uncompromising. The best tracks from the album found The Red, which is after the quick access to the 5 -ki of the best songs in the Billboard boundaries. Initially, the track did not like the producer group, until he saw how the track got better results.

Do not look at this album similarities with anyone, just Loflery did what they wanted to do. As critics have said, after the release of the album Wonder what.s next:. If all new upholstered and initiative groups ,Lofleram managed to develop its own direction, which gives them the privilege to be with someone tangled. . Now You could safely say that another dizzying meystrimovym Christian team in Christianity increased. But for all of that otherness guys still are compared to Live, Tool and Perfect circle.Two months later, the album reached platinum status, that is has sold in the US in 1,000,000 copies. The group officially invited to speak at OzzFest, the same rock festival, which carries English grandpa Ozzy Osbourne.

With anreliznym track Until You`re Reformed. Schaveli. get the soundtrack for the film. Sorvigolova. (A track recorded on Wind-up records label) . The soundtrack of the guys got together with such. komradami as : Nickelback, Evenescence, 12 Stones, Hoobastank, Salivs, Nappy Roots & Marcus Curiel (ex - P.O.D.) and the like.

After Chevelle had a great tour with legendary vseete Filter, Foo Fighters and Pulse Ultra.In 2003, Chevelle played about 500 concerts (!) .

11th November 2003 goes. zhivoy. Album Live From The Road, The information on group presentations. Chevelle worked without a break, and it is probably influenced some of the nuances in live recording, since it is to some extent does not seem complete, and is not an indicator ,but all is not bad. After all, Chevelle performed without interruption almost one and a half years. The only break (so to speak) were those times when the guys were just sitting and working on the sketches to the next album.

In 2003, departs from business group manager Dan Tsirelli as chooses for himself a quiet life, and went to his native SanFrancisco. Ozzy again formally invited Chevelle on OzzFest. The biggest audience in front of which had to act Chevelle until 2003, was in Washington, DC, as there were about 50,000 people.

At the end of 2003, the album Wonder what next took the 3rd position in the top ten best selling Christian albums of the year ,Third day ahead and Switchfoot. During the year the group Chevelle opened his own studio.

July 29 Chevelle performed at Ozz fest.e with Marilyn Manson and Cradle of filth, both groups openly preach Satanism, made with the Christians ? This statement alarmed many, but someone disappointed. Clear,Chevelle came to performance from a professional point of view and made according to professionals. In general, the confusion. And if the image of Manson is a mockery of accepted moral values and hypocrisy respectable Americans, the image of the Cradle of filth certainly goes beyond all limits of what is permitted. On the other hand such a statement interpreted as an attempt to talk to God as an anti - Christian groups and remind myself, by Chevelle.

September 21, 2004 release of the next and most powerful album today This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In by Chevelle. In the first week of release the album took the 8th place in the Billboard chart. Since July 2004 the new single rotation. Vitamin R. started everywhere. The most powerful Moscow radio station. Ultra. 100.5 FM, dedicated exclusively to alternative and progressive groups also launches the first single. Vitamin R. from the new album (at that time not yet released) . Floated rumors that the group can come to Moscow with concerts. The masses really liked this particular album - This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In, as the voice became more melodious Pete, and general and rather typical style beginning to disappear, but still confused Chevelle almost unreal.

The new album was dedicated to the sore subject. no drugs !. . Many were surprised to say,Chevelle why not pivot the Christian charts, but here everything is clear, because virtually any Christian group, which today are more inclined to, to carry the music to the masses, beginning to be afraid of.

After the release of the album This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In, Chevelle toured with Korn and Perfect Circle.Still Running track from the new album gets to the soundtrack for the film. Punisher (Punisher) , a film based on the eponymous comic book. This is the second film based on the comic book, which hit the Chevelle.

The new album was another reason for updating the website group, because before that the site Chevelle was so primitive,not knowing that could have turned out that the group was formed a week ago impression.

During the period of its existence, the Chevelle, in addition to these groups, they managed to come up with bands like Slipknot, Dope, Smashing pumpkins, Stone sour, Sinch, etc.

Chevelle is certainly the group that despite its popularity,native Christians is little known, but you still have shans.priobresti Chevelle and tighten their albums in your CD player to the holes.

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