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American fashion brand `Chico`s` for 30 years helps women look so great, how they themselves feel.

The founders of the brand ,Marvin (Marvin) and Helen Gralnik (Gralnick), in 1983, returned from Mexico (Mexico), where well rested, with a full truck of various pieces of traditional Mexican folk art. With all this valuable cargo, purchased to the last devalue the peso, and several sweaters in cotton, diluted Mexican range, Marvin and Elaine opened a small shop on Sanibel Island, Florida (Sanibel Island, Florida). Looking for a name for his brand, they decided to take their nickname parrot friends Chico, which, incidentally, was able to speak two languages.

Store The hosts soon realized that their customers will no doubt appeal to a popular clothing ,but sweaters liked much more and just go like hot cakes. Helene and Marvin decided to focus on sportswear, from the start hoping for success with the help of a friendly service with a personal approach to each customer. Every time they take a pencil to make the outline of the new design ,Helen creators and Marvin set out to meet the desire of the client to feel comfortable and make it really beautiful and happy.

Currently, the brand `Chico`s` sells exclusive clothes for women 35 years and older, offering a unique model for fashionistas with average incomes, as well as for businessLady with high incomes. Over the years the brand `Chico`s` has earned the trust of millions of women, offering excellent customer service and a variety of styles to replenish any wardrobe. Today operates 559 boutiques and 44 sales points in 48 States and the District of Columbia (D.C.).Approximately once a month, the brand produces a popular clothing catalog with new collections, each of which is represented on a number of sites, including chicos.com.

In addition to the daily, elegant clothes and clothes for travel, brand `Chico`s` also produces jewelry and all kinds of accessories, including clutches, handbags, ponchos, scarves ,belts and corrective and modeling underwear.

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