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Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


Musicians of this group claim that the name is correct should be read as : "ki-meer-a" (in Russian is " chimera ") . Indeed, they have borrowed this slightly modified the name from Greek mythology. So the Greeks called a monster with a lion`s head, a goat and the body of the dragon `s tail. Cleveland Monster has developed somewhat differently : blinding aggression, biting melodies and texts relating to the darkest of human emotions. Creator of "Chimaira" was the former guitarist of "Ascension" Jason Heydzher. The desire to collect a new metal band led him to Mark Hunter (b. May 26, 1977) of "Skipline". In the vicinity of Cleveland, this guy was considered the coolest singer, and besides, he could write his own compositions.

The composition of the gang have added guitarist Rob Arnold (b. January 3, 1980) , drummer Jason Genaro ,bassist Andrew Ermlik and electronics specialist Chris Spikutstsa (b. July 19, 1981) . For a couple of years, the band not only had time to prepare their own material, but also povystupat with many famous bands such as "Napalm Death", "Misfits", "Taproot", "Puya" and others.Chimaira By 2000, the team is ripe for the first record, and on a small label "East Coast Empire Records" released the EP "This present darkness". Songs from the album were heard on the radio, with particular emphasis on the song "Painting the white to grey". drive sales amounted to more than 10,000 copies ,and "Chimaira", meanwhile, made a couple of self-financed tours. Meanwhile, in the case of changes in the composition often. Ermlika replaced Rob Lesniak, which was written "This present darkness", but less than six months as basuhoy cleared by Jim Lamarck (b. 25 June 1974) . Then left Genaro, granted thrash drums Endolsu Herrick (p. September 11, 1979) .

In 2001, " Chimaira " signed a contract with " via Roadrunner " and together with producer Madrokom ("Godsmack", "Powerman 5000 ") went to record their debut full-length album. The intense guitar riffs, brutal bass lines ,zamorochennye electronics, coupled with rich harmonies and rich melodies - all participants were able to find on the "Pass out of existence".

ChimairaK Unfortunately, the founder of the band

Jason Heydzheru could not fully enjoy the album`s success. Shortly after the end of the sessions, he learned that his wife was pregnant ,and I decided to go into family problems. His place in the "Chimaira" took Matt Devries (b. January 28, 1977) . In support of the "Pass out of existence" team toured in the company with "Slayer", "Fear factory", "Danzig" and their idols "Machine head". It was also carried out and hedlaynerskie tours "Chimaira". When they released their second album, " Chimera " in 2003,Many spoke about the phenomenon as "New wave of american heavy metal". Indeed, the group managed to cross the nu-metal with the classic heavy and brutal death metal.

Subsequent output disk dense touring unbalanced by Herrick, and he decided to retire. The group rescued Richard Evensend of "Soilwork",but because he was a foreigner, you will not able to last long in the team, and before the US tour in 2004 drum kit taken over by Kevin Talley.

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