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While back in 1994 Dream Theater running around looking for a new keyboard player Kevin Moore moved to New Mexico and hid.

Bated for 4 years, sleeping potion brewed from the sounds and images. Perhaps it sounds strange, but the Chroma Key is still for me the most shocking recent project ,and hardly impressed when eclipsed by something else.

Who heard Awake, he probably remembers some strange impression made on him the final composition of the album, Space-Dye Vest, entirely written by Moore : a perfect impression of dropping out of the context of the album. red apple song fell out of the album ,It rolled away out of the apple trees, and 4 years later blossomed crystal sapling.

After this act of independence, some fans turned away from the Theatre Moore churayas electronics, voice, " a la Peter Gabriel " and crazy, sometimes nonsensical lyrics. And I do them, to be honest, it is a pity. Because the image of Chroma Key, we have no alternative prog - metal, and generally are not an alternative to anything. Another point of view, rather.

Dead Air For Radios

Released in 1998, the first album nicely, despite some rather decent early demos, from which it is possible, too, would have to make a record, but the left -overs.

Maybe it izfor the cover, but I think music orange. Feeling as if you are in the desert, the wind rushes to you handfuls of sand so the sun licks rough tongue. Only red and green. Even the sky is red - orange. Give me back my blue ! SOS! Moore worked on it in the community of Mark Zonder, Joey Vera (from Fates Warning) and Jason Anderson -therefore hear live drums, bass and guitar.

You Go Now

In 2000, he went even further. Launched on a rocket in an orange desert, Moore flew into space. The first time I was able to listen to this album, starry night, sitting on the beach. Here, music has the color space, though in the physical sense in such space is not available, however,feeling velvety darkness, embroidered with pearls stars, do not let me go through the whole album. With a space Moore took a man named David Iscove, with whose guitar he did the same thing, that one day long done with violin Pink Floyd, Yes Steve Touchard as a navigator - engineer.

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