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This American band from Philadelphia was formed in 1983 by Tom Keyferom (guitar, vocals) and Eric Brittingemom (bass), with the participation of Michael Kelly Smith (guitar) and Tony Destra (drums).

The last two left part of the gang in 1985 and were replaced by Jeff LaBar (ex- "White Foxx") and Jody Cortez, respectively.Smith later founded the project "Britny Fox". Once on the speech team in one of Philadelphia kids clubs noticed Jon Bon Jovi and his team so much that he recommended "Polygram records" of the company to sign a contract with "Cinderella." Shortly after the recording of the first album of Cortez was replaced by Fred Coury.In "Night songs" immediately manifested exceptional ability Keyfera as a talented songwriter.

Cinderella something looks like on the "AC / DC" and "Aerosmith" band style plus husky vocals Tom were quite popular, and ihkompozitsiya "Nobody`s Fool" reached the thirteenth line in the US charts, and he debut album climbed to third place. The second CD "Long Cold Winter" was already present more personal sound. "Cinderella" performed an original blues-rock, blends perfectly with the raucous intonations Keyfera. A particular success enjoyed songs such as "Gypsy road", "Don`t know what you got (Till it`s gone)" (shtatovskih number 12 in September 1988) and "Coming home".The third album "Heartbreak station" group used elements of rhythm and blues, which gave the album similarity with "Rolling stones". This drive was less successful than the previous ones, although the composition of "Shelter Me" with his hit the US Top 40.

CinderellaFred Kouri went to "Arcade" and the temporary substitution of it was taken by the ex -drummer of "Shadow king" Kevin Valentine. Keyfer also raped problems with the vocal cords. In short, all this fresh-water sponge require a long break before the group was able to start recording a new album. Released in 1994, the disc "Still climbing" was successful return to the group of musical activity,as it was performed in the style of "Long cold winter". Drums on it Kenny Aaronoff - drummer John Mellencamp. "Cinderella" at this time to look for a new drummer on the Internet.

In the end, it seems it could have been. A new member of their group was Kevin Conway.

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Cinderella photo
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