Clear Light

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Year of birth : 1966

Age: 49 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Start of the second life half a century later

`Clear Light` - rock band from Los Angeles, California, was founded in 1966 and subsequently recognized as one of the best groups of the era, as well as one of the groups ,form such a style as psychedelic rock.

No one knows what will happen to the music industry ; no one can predict, will be the legendary group, or sink into oblivion. Even music critics, in spite of all their knowledge and influence can not guess what awaits the world of music around the corner -they can only ascertain the facts and to predict future events. But history also likes to joke, for instance, she arrived with a group of `Clear Light`, one of the many teams that have arisen in Los Angeles in the mid -1960s : after almost half a century of musicians suddenly remembered, and the only album - `Clear Light`, -has not received due recognition after the release in 1967, it was named one of the most significant records era.

The band`s history began in 1966 through the efforts of her future manager Bud Mathis (Bud Mathis); original band was called `The Brain Train`. The band changed frequently ,but still a few months the musicians managed to record the first single `Black Roses`, which brought them fame on the local scene. Soon, with the group at the time had already changed its name to `Clear Light`, signed the label ` Elektra Records`. The new group became manager Paul Rothchild (Paul A. Rothchild), known for his work with the great `The Doors`.It is because of familiarity with Paul and the band had the opportunity to speak at the opening act for the most popular groups of the era : `The Doors`, Janis Joplin (Janis Joplin) and many others.

Soon the group had new musicians, among them the singer Cliff De Young (Cliff De Young), who gained fame not as a musician but as an actor ,whose career is still going on. Unlike most bands, the musicians decided to use an unusual set of instruments, which included just two drum kits. Under pressure from Rothschild, confident that the group is waiting for an unprecedented success, the composition changed frequently if musicians level was not high enough. Suddenly, just one of the performances the musicians became stars of the underground : the audience of the club after a few songs start asking the musicians to leave the stage, but they resolutely refused to complete the performance and continued until, until exhausted their stock of songs. The following morning the incident was reported in the newspapers ,who sang the unusual sound of the band and their desire to bring the music to the audience.

In 1967, he released self-titled album - `Clear Light` - which generally go unnoticed except for the song ` Mr. Blue`, 6 - minute ballad, which in addition to music unrelated lines were added, which were understood only one musician. Despite this, the song became a hit independent radio stations and, as criticism subsequently recognized, even influenced the further development of psychedelic rock. The album took the 126 - th place in the ranking of albums `Billboard`. After the album`s release the band for a while took a vacation, which in general, then summed up the short existence of the group.The first days of work on the second album was unsuccessful, and the band announced their breakup.

It seemed that was the end of the history of this band ; All the participants have started other projects or how Cliff does have changed occupation. Suddenly, in the 2000s, the group began to show interest as a criticism,and the audience is mainly the younger generation. Album, forgotten on the shelves of old, once again began to be in demand, and some songs were heard on the radio.

So, after almost half a century after the collapse, a group `Clear Light` start a second life. Of course, the musicians do not plan to record a new song or play live, however,as many of them admitted in an interview, they enjoy the attention to the fact that they did in their youth. The project `AllMusic` group called ` one of the most unusual epohi` teams, and their only album acknowledged ` plate, which is obliged to listen to each meloman`

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