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"Clutch" - one of those groups that are very difficult to zapihivanie in any specific category. Who-it can be heard in their music " heavy " impact "Led Zeppelin", some dynamics of John Coltrane, some eccentricity of Frank Zappa, and some soul - blues motifs Elmore James.

Another interesting point - is that throughout his career, the team composition remained unchanged. For drums sat Jean-Paul Gaster ,basuhoy headed Dan Maines, guitar held by Tim Salt, well, a position held at the microphone Neil Fallon.

The history of "Clutch" began in August 1991, when four graduate schools played their first concert in his native Germantown (Maryland) . In the beginning, the team gave out something hardcore, and this fact has been embodied in the seven-inch "Pitchfork",published in 1992 on the "Inner journey records".

ClutchPrimerno in the same vein was born and EP "Passive restraints". But who followed him, two full-length album, the musicians have found a tendency to hard rock. The first of these came under the banner of "East West records", and for the second edition took "Elektra". Looks like,that "Clutch" do not like to sit long under one roof, and it is not surprising that the third album released is another company, "Columbia records". On "The elephant riders" team turned to the " root " rock and this trend remained at the "Jam room", which the musicians have published on their own label "River road records".

Incidentally,staff engaged not only in the studio activities, but also toured extensively (though mostly in America) . Musicians during the previous period of time to beat the company with such diverse bands as the "Marilyn Manson", "Bad religion", "Fu Manchu", "Therapy?", "Pantera", "Corrosion of conformity", "Limp bizkit", " Ultraspank ","Slayer", "Sepultura" and many others.

Clutch In 2001 "Clutch" back to the contract of "Atlantic records" and a new album "Pure rock fury". At this time, a standard hard rock guitar riffs were added funk -punk drums and bass colored soul music. Among the invited guests could be observed from the legendary Leslie West "Mountain", percussionist Hartbita of "Dog eat dog" and guitarist "Spirit caravan" Scott Veynriha. In 2002, they released their first official live band, "Live at the Googolplex", assembled from materials performances "Clutch" in 2001-2002. Then, the band issued a compilation of previously unrealized things called "Slow hole in China", well, the new studio work pleased their fans in 2004 alone.

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