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Year of birth : 1941

Age : 74 year

Place of birth : Manhattan, USA

Citizenship : United States

Bags for all

`Coach` - American manufacturer of leather goods, known for its men`s and women`s bags, with headquarters in New York (New York).During the last decade the company `Coach` has established itself as one of America`s leading designers, manufacturers and sellers of leather accessories that can be excellent gifts for women and men. Under this brand are manufactured handbags, small leather goods like belts, cosmetic bags, purses and wallets, briefcases,folders and accessories for travel, as well as outerwear, scarves, jewelry, perfumes and much more. All new category developed in accordance with the corporate identity and the distinctive features of the brand `Coach`. Together with partners, the company has established new edition watches, shoes and sunglasses, too, under the brand name `Coach`.Among the fans of the brand - Rachel Bilson (Rachel Bilson), Gisele Bundchen (Gisele Bundchen), Evangeline Lilly (Evangeline Lilly) and Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria).

`Coach` company was founded in 1941 in Manhattan (Manhattan) as a small family workshop entitled ` Manhattan Leather Bags`,in which six artists worked on the production of handbags and wallets. In 1946, joined the company Kang Miles (Miles Cahn) and his wife Lillian (Lillian Cahn), who themselves possessed of such an enterprise, and therefore well versed in the intricacies of the organization tanning business. By the early `50s Miles Kahn basically ran itself now ,and master - tanners continued to produce small leather goods, which made a modest profit. The 60th Kahn conducted research and found a very difficult way of treatment of the skin, which, however, allowed to make it soft, but very strong. Then Lillian Kahn offered to make a new collection of handbags. Thus, 60-x were first bags under the brand name `Coach`, made of durable cowhide leather of excellent quality, which is outright beaten competitors bags - bags in those days were often made of fine leather on a cardboard base.

Then the company has hired Bonnie Cashin (Bonnie Cashin).Bonnie had already been well-known designer, and together with his experience and talent brought to the company a lot of useful business contacts. Kashin worked on `Coach` from 1962 to 1974 and has made a real revolution in the field of design. In the `70s and` 80s and the company prospered. Products under the brand name `Coach` enjoyed great popularity ,and with the arrival of a new vice-president of the company began to develop new ways of selling, including mail order. In `Coach` appeared network of shops and offices in large department stores. Sales grew, and soon the demand exceeded supply, and the company was forced to work with selected vendors. In 1979, Lew Frankfort (Lew Frankfort),current CEO `Coach`, joined the team as vice president of business development.

In July 1986 the company `Sara Lee Corporation` ` Coach` acquired for $ 30 million. `Sara Lee` received factory 6 boutiques and flagship store on Madison Avenue (Madison Avenue) in New York. Soon to open new boutiques in department store `Macy`s` in New York and San Francisco (San Francisco), shops in Denver (Denver), Seattle (Seattle) and other major cities. By November 1986, the company had more than 12 stores and 50 boutiques in large department stores.

Currently, `Coach` products can be purchased in the United States (United States),Italy (Italy), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Chinese (China) and South Korea (South Korea). Only in the United States and Canada (Canada) employ more than 400 chain stores, not including departments and open new year. In addition, in 1999, `Coach` launched its online store,who also became one of the most important sales channels in North America (North America), and a great advertising company in the US, and abroad. Today `Coach` remains one of the most recognizable brands in America and is planning a large-scale offensive on the international market, with special attention to Asia (Asia).

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