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Group Coal Chamber was formed in Los Angeles in early 1994 ,and at first it included only the guitarist Miguel `` Migs`` Raskona vocalist Daz Fafara. Soon they were joined by drummer Mike `` Bag`` Cox and bass guitar given to her friend `s ex-wife Deza Rhine Foss (in 2002 it was replaced by Nadia Piulen) .

Reina had never held a guitar in his hands, but quickly learned. At the same time come up with the name for the group. `` Everything turned out as something very clogs - says Migs - just like Dezu Coal A word, and I - Chamber. We decided not to quarrel especially because of this and connected words. It happened Coal Chamber``.

His first album, the guys recorded for almost three years ,constantly adding new material is already prepared operating time. According to Reina old songs already seemed to them not good enough, and they had to write new ones. But three years have not passed in vain - during numerous appearances in LA`s clubs have accumulated invaluable experience and acquired first fans.

The debut album of the band ,`` Coal Chamber``, immediately attracted attention. In the group put Sharon Osbourne eye known producer and part-time wife of the great and terrible Ozzy. Once at her invitation Coal Chamber played on the Ozzfest, Sharon took a young team under his wing, immediately becoming the unquestioned authority in the team. And Ozzy himself immediately and permanently dragged hearing record group. Powerful advertising has served, and things have dramatically Coal Chamber flooded the hill. Immediately after the release of `` Coal Chamber`` they started their second album, `` Chamber Music``, which took them 14 months. Almost all the songs have been written in advance in the breaks between tours ,but the guys for a long time could not choose from those heaps of records 18 that will be included in the album. The main songwriter in the band is Daz. On the second album, he turns to the subject of the complexity of human relationships, and at the same time declares all his songs are very positive and are only good, good, eternal. But then the band began a period of trouble. After the incident in Colorado, where several students shot their classmates, the team was accused of molesting youthful minds and calls for mass murder. In part, this has helped, and the appearance of the participants Coal Chamber, which propirsingovany thoroughly and completely covered with tattoos. And soon there was a another attack. Three days before the designated mixing the album `` Chamber Music`` guy who was engaged, was killed in a car accident. `` We were literally crushed and did not know what we do now. Other people we did not podhodili``. In the end, they decided to do everything with their own hands. The result met their expectations. Without losing aggressiveness and severity, the band began to sound more melodic and mature. It is worth noting that with the release of this disc helped Coal Chamber Josh Abraham from Orgy, as well as himself, Ozzy Osbourne, who also played with the band cover version of Peter Gabriel`s `` Shock The Monkey``. But the group is not going to dwell on the already achieved ,although somewhat surprised by his good fortune. After initially Coal Chamber was conceived simply as a cool way to kill time. A good example of how you can combine business with pleasure.

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