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In 1989, in Stockbridge, GA, appeared a group of "Marching Two Step". For several years, its composition has changed several times, and in 1993 changed the name - on "Collective Soul".The configuration at the time looked like this: Ed Roland (vocals, guitar), Dean Roland (guitar), Ross Childress (guitar), Will Tepina (bass) and Shane Evans (drums). In the summer of 1993 on a small label "Rising Storm Records" released the disc "Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid", composed mainly of early demo material.The release drew the attention of "Atlantic Records", and majors in the spring of 1994, re-released album by arranging him a good promotion.

"Hints Allegations" had the grunge sound ,

and musicians have the appropriate outfit, ie They were dressed in denim and flannel shirts. Full compliance with the fashion of the time,combined with the strong support of a large firm, came to fruition, and the sales of the album brought a double platinum. In 1994, "Collective Soul" successfully conducted a North American tour, and lit on the "Woodstock` 94 ". Collective Soul The following year,the team went into the studio and gave birth to his most commercially successful opus. The disc of the same name went triple platinum and spent in the charts "Billboard" 76 weeks. If the "Collective Soul" had a sound similar to "Hints Allegations", the third work distinguished increased gloom, as in music, and the texts.This approach was due to happen on the eve of the judicial showdowns with the management, as a result of which the musicians have suffered serious financial losses. Whatever it was, but a bad period has ended, and the team attempted to go to radioformatny material issuing "Dosage" album stuffed with electronics in 1999. Disc enjoyed relatively mild and demand, as well as its predecessor, barely held on to the platinum mark.

At the end of 2000 were born next creation "collective souls", "Blender". Babblgamny pop-rock sound on the disk was pleased with the figures of "Atlantic" (which strongly contributed to their wards to enter the mainstream) but the audience reacted differently, and copies of the album turned out to be significantly lower than previous works.

Collective Soul concerts Although the group continued to be in demand,critics have fiercely criticized "Collective Soul" for their opopsenie. Soon, the team had to withstand another severe blow, when the train suddenly left Ross Childress (he was replaced by guitar tech Joel Kosh). In 2001 expired contract with "Atlantic Records", which the band completed the collection "7EVEN Year Itch".The team was left without a roof for a while confusion reigned, and the musicians were content with sporadic concerts. But, in the end, "Collective Soul" together with the spirit, organized his own label, "El Music Group" and released it on the "Youth" album. Work has also been done in the pop -rock vein,but different from "Dosage" and "Blender" more balanced.

In May 2005 he released EP "From The Ground Up", which included an acoustic version of the most popular things. On the ensuing tour Shane Evans for some reason he was absent, and its functions performed Ryan Hoyle.

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