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Citizenship : United States

BiographyA few years this Californian group was in its infancy and was called "Dream 6 ". Under this guise the band released only one EP, published by the French label. "Happy hermit".

Year of birth "Concrete blonde" as such became the 1986 th. design inspiration was Dzhonett Napolitano ,Align post songwriter, bassist and vocalist. The second member of the team was the former guitarist of "Sparks" Jim Mankiw, and completed the acquisition of the composition of a big fan of "Pretenters" drummer Harry Rushakoff.

In 1987, the band signed a contract with "I.R.S. Records" and started for the session of the first album. This producer`s features took on the Earl `s brother Jim also began his activities as a part of "Sparks". The self-titled debut album "Concrete blonde" was an emotional and witty rock that found positive responses from both the music press, and from mature rokomanov.

Concrete blondeNa second release, "Free",Napolitano handed his instrument to Alan

Bloch, which allowed her to concentrate fully on the microphone. Dzhonett remained the center of the team still, and her voice, powerful and vulnerable at the same time, gave " Concrete blonde " peculiar charm. In 1992, "Concrete blonde" released their best album "Bloodletting",surpasses all other releases by emotional tension. The strongest bagatelle from "Bloodletting" was the song "Joey" - the love story of suffering, leading to alcoholism.

In addition to recording the disc Dzhonett (vocals, bass) and Mankiw (guitar) attended a new drummer Paul Thompson (ex- "Roxy music"). However, by 1992, when there was "Walking in London",Rushakoff returned to the team. The following year, Napolitano became interested in Spanish culture and music, and the album "Mexican moon" has been made on this basis.

Concrete blondeIhotya emotions on the plate was enough, but this disc, as well as the previous one, was unable to repeat the success of "Bloodletting".Frustrated Dzhonett thrown "Concrete blonde" and worked in the following years with Holly Jean Vincent in "Vowel movement" and Mark Morland in "Pretty & twisted". In 1997, she returned briefly to cooperate with Mankiw, and with the participation of Los Angeles-based gang "Los Illegals" was recorded "Concrete Blonde y Los Illegals".However, this reunion "Concrete blonde" took place only in the new millennium, when going to a classical composition (Napolitano, Mankiw, Rushakoff) . The group threw the market a fresh studiynik "Group therapy" and held a series of rounds. On the basis of the SouthAmerican tour `s first official live album was released in 2003 konkretnoblondinistyh titled "Live in Brazil".

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