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Year of birth : 1908

Age: 107 years

Citizenship : United StatesAt the root of American sports shoes

Firm `Converse Rubber Shoe Company` Marcus Mills Converse (Marquis Mills Converse) was founded in 1908. Work experience in the shoe industry by that time he already had - he had previously worked as a manager in another shoe company.

The company engaged in the production of rubber footwear for men, women and children. By 1910 th company per day producing about 4000 shoes ; on a really high level of sales, however, could only come out in 1915 - that`s when the company took over the supply of sports shoes for tennis. The real breakthrough for `Converse` became established in 1917 a model ` Converse All-Star`.

In 1921-m in one of the offices of the company came to the basketball player Charles Taylor (Charles H. `Chuck` Taylor); originally he was going to complain about a foot worn, but fairly outcome of the meeting surprised him - Charles became the official representative of the company. Taylor traveled extensively throughout the country, promoting new models of shoes ;Taylor did this until his death in 1969.

In 1941, the US got involved in the Second World ; `Converse` reacted to this change, holding a production of clothes, shoes and protective clothing for soldiers and pilots. For many years, the most famous model of shoes from `Converse` -` Chuck Taylor All Star` - there was only one black. In 1947, the attention of the white model was presented to buyers; by 1966 th basketball teams have managed to convince the company to adopt and other colors. Over time, the company began using new materials - such as skin ,suede, vinyl and even hemp. Gradually expanded and the range of models offered.

In the `50s and` 60s `Converse` started rather actively and successfully promote a new style of clothing ; a greater role in promoting it played the annual `Converse Yearbook`.

In the `70s the company slowly beginning to take positions - if before they were effectively monopoliesnow on the market, a host of new players, such as `Puma` and ` Adidas`. Later in the shoe industry came `Nike` and ` Reebok`, which also strengthen the position of `Converse` on the market did not help. One of the most striking signs of the collapse was the loss of status by the official supplier of the National Basketball Association`s shoes (National Basketball Association).

In 1985, `Converse` released a new model of shoes -` The Weapon`;This model has been presented in a number of different color schemes - in order to better match the colors of the existing basketball teams. Distinguishes the new model and its device - in many ways, the new shoes was much more convenient to the old one.

The loss of positions, coupled with a number of failed business decisions led to the sad ,although a natural result - January 22, 2001, `Converse` bankrupt. Over the next year the company changed several owners ; at the same time there was another significant event - the US firm closed last factory. `Converse` later began again to deliver shoes to the US market ,but it has already made in more traditional locations for modern industry - in China (China), Indonesia (Indonesia), Italy (Italy), Lithuania (Lithuania) and Vietnam (Vietnam). Transportation of production abroad especially in the proposed models are not affected ;the only major change was the almost complete abandonment of the previously used cotton material.

The protracted process of changing owners finally completed only 9 on July of 2003 ; We bought `Converse` - for 305 million US dollars - one of the most important of their competitors ,` Nike`.

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