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This famous American team that was able to cross the energy of punk with heavy metal riffs, giving rise to a new style, later called crossover.

It all began in 1982 ,when schoolmates Vezemen Woody (guitar) and Reed Mullin (drums) founded a band called "No labels". The third member of the band became Mike Dean, who took over the duties of vocalist and bassist. Signboards soon changed to "Corrosion of conformity", and walked away microphone stand at the disposal of Eric Haik. Eric took part in the recording of their debut album, and then disappeared in an unknown direction. The remaining three of the next released EP "Six Songs With Mike Singing", from which the name should have the role of vocalist Mike played again. If the first releases of the group were pure hardcorethen on the "Animosity" sound much heavier, and dodged to the side thrash.

Corrosion of conformityV 1987 with a new singer Simon Bob (ex- "Ugly Americans") was recorded "Technocracy" mini-album. The following year Bob retired from "Corrosion of conformity", and followed him and Dean. As a result, for a long time project was frozen.The next studio work came into being only in 1991. The composition of the group at that time was as follows : Vezemen, Mullin, Karl Ejgel (vocals) , Pepper Keenan (guitar) and Phil Swisher (bass) . Carl proved unimportant vocalist, and soon he was kicked out of the team, and took place at the microphone Pepperbegan slowly to clean up the reins in their hands.

But the reshuffle did not end because soon from the "Corrosion of conformity" left Swisher, who joined Ejgel project "Loose cannon". Found out about the vacancy bassist Dean returned to the team. The band recorded "Deliverence" and went on a US tour, which climaxed with the emergence of "C.O.C." at the festival "Monsters Of Rock", led by " Metallica ".

Corrosion of conformity In 1996, the team presented to the audience the next job, "Wiseblood". This album took the 43rd position in the UK charts ,and the composition "Drowning In A Daydream" from that album was nominated for " Grammy ". Unfortunately for them the musicians suddenly expelled from "Sony", and it was one of the reasons for the delay release of the next full length of four years. Only in 2000 they were able to conclude a contract by "Sanctuary", which has undertaken to release a "America`s Volume Dealer".

The subsequent tour for this could not go Mullin, he got into hospital. Temporarily it replaced the Jimmy Bauer, but recovery Reed did not return to the group. He founded his own project "Brown", and "Corrosion of conformity" drummer took Merritt Partridge.

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