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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Citizenship : United States

Universal shoes for modern people

Is there a shoe that for the convenience of his would look like running shoes ,and practicality would be similar to the strict office shoes ? For the answer to this question is advised to refer to the brand `Creative Recreation`; in their stores you can find shoes that will surprise even the seasoned buyers.

The company `Creative Recreation` was founded in 2002. The creators have moved her emotions are not quite positive ,but very bright - they were absolutely not satisfied with the quality of the existing shoe. Their main task was to create a line of high-quality footwear that can meet the needs of today`s consumers ; oriented master brand to people energetic, modern and demanding. Offering such people the usual shoe solutions would be foolish ; that`s why the first thing the company`s master took up the experiments.

From under their hand out shoe line, which combines the best features of various types of footwear products; new shoes combines the convenience of sneakers with the practicality of strict formal shoes.This perfect fusion of customers fell clearly to taste ; the company fairly quickly acquired a large number of loyal fans. Of course, rest on its laurels it was still early ; today the firm is actively engaged in the development and research activities ,I am trying to constantly surprise your fans more and more non-standard models of shoes. It helps masters of their love for creativity and outstanding ingenuity ; coupled with a reluctance to stop it allows you to create a shoe, on which representatives of competing companies previously could not even dream. Shoes `Creative Recreation` not just good looks or worn comfortably ; it combines the best features of the various classes of shoes, taking several previously seemed incredibly far away from each other niches and combining that combine impossible at first glance.

IN 2014-m brand `Creative Recreation` became a new member of the brands ` Rocky Brands, Inc.`. This group was formerly known under the name of `Rocky Shoes & Boots, Inc.` and engaged exclusively in the development, creation, production and sale of various kinds of shoes, from the military to the daily variations.

Founded `Rocky Shoes & Boots` was in 1932 ;in `Rocky Brands, Inc` it was renamed in 2006. The name change was due primarily to the fact that the company managed to ` vpitat` a number of other brands ; so, in addition to `Creative Recreation` company at different times we have been redeemed and projects ` Zumfoot` `Michelin`. The development of its new projects `Rocky` involved quite actively ,so that the merger the new units will clearly benefit.

In addition to the sale of footwear, the new unit will be able to participate in other projects of the parent company; in particular, `Rocky Brands` well known for its charity project ` Rocky Community Improvement Fund`.At the moment, `Creative Recreation` supply footwear for men, women and children. They have an assortment of and something other than footwear ; so if you want a man can buy his brand stores also quite stylish hats. Visit the shop `Creative Recreation`, you can easily get a great collection wonderful shoes ,equally well suited for a variety of situations. Despite the relatively high quality, practicality and outer beauty, shoes from `Creative Recreation` costs relatively little and can hardly make a dent in the budget of modern man. The results of new experiments with the form and function of the masters of the company to show a different kind of fashion shows and show; traditionally they get warm reviews from critics, and (what is perhaps much more important) , good sales figures.

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